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In Topic: Dungeons of Daggerhelm - ARPG

22 May 2014 - 12:39 PM

Hello everyone!
While we have not updated for a while, we're still working hard to bring you quality work!
Today, we want to bring your attention to some possible game play mechanics for Dungeons of Daggerhelm. The first on our list is knockback. Our version of knockback, is pushing enemies backward in the direction of the hit, stunning them from all actions for a few moments. It's hard to see in an image. Hopefully there will be a video accompanying this game play aspect!
Next up, NPC textboxes! (This we CAN show with an image!)
All you need to do is simply hit E when you are close to one of the NPCs (currently just our vendor, Holly) and you can talk to them! Nifty, huh?
Next up, the first boss! Our sprite designer just finished the concept art (previously had been left unfinished). Here is what he looked like before:
And now, after:
Mostly just the face has been changed, but that's mainly the important part! Please let us know how he looks. We don't want to make a mistake and draw something you guys don't find intimidating! Our music composer has started working on the boss music, and it is BAD ASS! biggrin.png
Additionally, we are working on switchable classes! HOORAY! You don't need to be playing just the ranger anymore! Currently, the prototype lets us swap out with the Paladin from the Ranger, and then back to the Ranger again. With some time, we're going to unveil our master plan for swapping out classes, and making a cool way for players to do so once they start the game. Our original intent was not to have players start the game as a Ranger.
Thanks for keeping up!

In Topic: Dungeons of Daggerhelm - ARPG

02 May 2014 - 11:42 AM

Hello everyone!


We're here with a new graphic update on the Paladin animation!


Check it out:


In Topic: Dungeons of Daggerhelm - ARPG

30 April 2014 - 09:11 AM

Hello everyone!


First off, the prototype game of Dungeons of Daggerhelm went far better than we anticipated. 18 downloads in three days! Wow!

We're excited that the game got some exposure because of this. The only issue is that the prototype returned a lot of bugs and problems that made the game incredibly hard to play. We're going to list them now and perhaps you might agree with some of them:


Enemies shoot too fast!
We know, we know. Unfortunately for the first players who downloaded the game, an issue arose where the enemies had the same fire rate as the player. This issue was a known factor in the game but we did not fully determine whether it would be difficult for players to successfully kill the enemies. What did we do about it? In the code, we nerfed enemy fire rate to around once every 2 seconds, instead of 4 times every second (ish). We also buffed the enemy's range so that they will shoot from farther away, making them more difficult to target. The player's fire rate was also buffed slightly. A give and take of difficulty.


I killed an NPC by accident! -sadface-
This was a bug we didn't exactly catch until a tester noted that "while I was clicking on Holly the potion vendor to talk to her, she died." This was something that was hidden in the code somewhere, and we eventually rooted it out. What did we do about it? Instead of making NPCs... well... not die, we instead increased their health by 1000% to around 1000 life. They take more hits to kill, so don't fool around anymore, people!


I reached a blue ocean-thing and now I'm lost.
This was a known issue. The map did not cut players off from viewing what we call "void tiles" which are non-graphic tiles of a specific color that make up the rest of the map you can't see.... well, aren't supposed to see. What did we do about it? We hand-drew walls around the entire map that the player should be able to access, and determined bounds for where the player could walk. This contains both the player and the enemies so they don't go wandering off in the unrendered wilderness.


I hate waiting for this textbox to end. I want to play the game!
Well, we couldn't outright remove the textbox, but the speed at which the text scrolls was, indeed, a minor problem. We just wanted you players to get the necessary info, y'know? What did we do about it? Fortunately, our programmer included a method that increases the scroll speed of the text, so if you're reading it for the second time, it goes by about 3x as fast now.


This map is monotonous. There's nothing to see!
This "issue" was known the whole time. Yes, the map looks dull with just walls and grass and rocks. What did we do about it? The sprite designer fixed the flower tiles we had before, and made them look like a part of the level. Now the map sports some nice flora everywhere! There's even a grove of flowers near the bottom-right of the map!


All of the changes we've made are in the new prototype file located in the same place you found the first one. just re-download it for the newest update, fixing 99% of these issues.



In Topic: Dungeons of Daggerhelm - ARPG

25 April 2014 - 01:41 PM

Hello everyone!


We're back with an important update: the Dungeons of Daggerhelm prototype is HERE!



Here you go! The prototype download for Dungeons of Daggerhelm!

Here's what you need to know to get started:

1. The file is small, so the .jar can just fit right on your desktop after download.

2. Double click the desktop icon, and hit "Play".

3. You're in!

Before you can get started, there are a few things we'd like you to know:

1. Most of what you see in-game is subject to change.

2. If you see any game-breaking bugs, such as crashes or animation bugs, please notify us immediately.

3. Some features of the game have not been added yet: there is no prototype boss (-major sadface-), the spawn map bounds are not set, so do not wander off too far (the stones in the environment should be an indicator; if they disappear, turn around and walk the other way), and Holly the potion vendor has nothing to say right now (her dog ate her script).

That's all! Please enjoy!

In Topic: ActionRPG Indie Project - Dungeons of Daggerhelm

30 March 2014 - 12:50 PM



We're busy churning out important updates! Here are some we've been working on lately:


- Non-random persistent first map area

- Text box for NPC interaction and lore

- Animated blood

- Killable enemies


Future updates:


- Player health logic

- Neutral NPC named Holly who will (eventually) sell potions!

- First boss of the game

- NPC text-based dialogue

- Lootable chests with starter gear for Ranger!


Also! Also! We will be selectively distributing our developed game prototype of Dungeons of Daggerhelm on or before February 25th! Please send us a message to find out how you can join in on private testing!