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In Topic: Free Idea to Anyone Looking For One - Not Trolling, Not Spam

31 January 2016 - 09:55 PM

ok, you look new, welcome, being new, know that I'm going to treat you just like if a veteran posted this, and don't take this as this is how the community at large thinks.


Disclaimer aside,

It's easy to have ideas, putting them into action is what is hard, so if, someone was so taken with the above idea to make a whole game, then the credit would go to them., not you.


Furthermore, if your not inspired enough to make the time to learn how to put your ideas, your dreams into a reality, why do you think someone else will?And is the idea really that good if the originator doesn't  feel motivated to try?




If you were on a book writing forum, would you post an idea for a book, for someone else to make?

Your a member on a faceless member on a forum board, why would another faceless member be inspired to make you ultra happy?


If you believe in it enough, you might be able to make it one day, hell 5-6  years ago I was posting and discussing on a forum just like you, and was hoping  the big time Devs would pick up my ideas, but then I got a chance to put those ideas into action, and now I lead a similar project.


It's not easy, it's not fast, and sometimes, more often than you think, it's mot fun, but it is rewarding beyond your dreams, even if you don't succeed.


If your content to sit back, then sit back, but if you actually want to see it a reality, then figure something out, you don't have to be an artist or a coder to make it work.


I'd say, just try, maybe one day you'll have the game of your dreams, and you can say you had a direct hand in making that happen, your more capable than you think, most people are.


good luck then, whatever happens,

In Topic: How to call this government system

26 January 2016 - 05:52 PM

That actually sounds good, that'dbe a story I'd sink my teeth in.


Well, is this all meant to be just pure lore for world buildings sake? or is any of this meant to be later reflected in design and mechanics?



Don't get me wrong, I don't deny that these kinds of threads are interesting and worth wile, I just think having a team/ partner to work with would make some of these topics more rewarding for the OP to discuss and implement.


I love a purely intellectual discussion maybe more than most, and was content to just discuss on forums for years, but over time, I've realized that's trumped by actually operationalizing it.

Guess it might depend on where a person is on the scale of theoretical to hands on.  


By all means, continue doing what you’re doing it seems to be working for you, I'm just used to trying to improve and tweak systems until they reach the optimum levels of efficiency & effectiveness.

In Topic: How to call this government system

24 January 2016 - 11:19 PM

hmm, maybe call it the monarch machine?

since for all intents and purposes this ruler (the player) is eternal, and being able to do all the things it does is more akin to an AI than an actual person, genetically perfected or not. Not to mention the irony of the name, since it's a game.


Also, @OP,

don't mean to bring this up again, but the way your critically critiquing some of our comments and discussion of ideas is more like using us as a sounding bord than an actual discussion of your topics.


Given the frequency of concerns and specificity of feedback you seem to be wanting from this community, wouldn't it be better for you to just recruit some qualified person to help you on your game?

This way they can potentially see the big picture with you, and come up with more tailored feedback and serve as more a discussion and collaboration specifically for the project, adding whatever qualified skill(s) they’d bring to the table.


You’ve been outsourcing to this forum community for some time now, and although we are all qualified in our own respective rights, we're not exactly your specific game community, which is what it seems like your treating us as.


I'd really advise you to find someone, this way they also get their due credit in feedback, and helping you generate ideas. You already told me how you think actually crediting anyone who comes up with a workable idea you select would not be feasible, given the volume of feedback you request. Finding a single, or a few specific people to join you would really benefit you in the long run. From sounding board, to speeding up development, to networking, to giving you leadership/ management experience, it would really help boost you and your game’s viability and credibility.


Trying to do everything yourself isn’t healthy or sustainable in most game development cases, I’ve seen it destroy my former project lead, and now I hold his position...

Transitions occurred, and each time the team roughly  quadrupled in size, from 1 to 4 to 16...

He eventually got so burrned out that he wants nothing to do with the project he co founded. (nor will we ever let him on again)


It may feel like recruiting and on boarding would  take too much time in the beginning, but think of it as an investment in saving you time in the future.


Unless of course, you want to try and have complete and total control of your vision and implementation, like the emperor your simulating.... 

In Topic: How Well would a series of mystery/crime action novels translate to a single...

29 December 2015 - 01:00 PM



That makes more sense, I was operating under the assumption you wanted the same story would be told in both.


Sounds like kind of?


Guess all that;s left now is to make it.

In Topic: EXANIMATE, a futuristic open-world Zombie FPS/TPS

28 December 2015 - 09:54 PM

1. Are you just asking for feedback on your story, or are you trying to recruit?

if the former, then you need to repost,a nd rework for the classifieds section.


2. if you go forward with preproduction, you can only show these as references, in house, and not for recruitment purposes.


3. What's a TPS?


So, if being a zombie is the natural stage of life, since the dawn of humanity, you'd think they'd be better way of handling them.


That would mean, that we'd actually have zombie nazzis...



So, you  went to the trouble of building a utopian world, and then out of "Jealousy", they decide to destroy their world and rebuild there entire civilization?




they are sending zombies to our world to take over?


Is the main character set in their world or ours?


I could go on, but I'll leave it there, since I don't know your intentions on posting this.