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#5170050 Web Programming Proffession [ Need Advice] -

Posted by on 29 July 2014 - 08:12 AM



I have just one more question, since you are strong in python and have done web development, do you see Django taking over PHP in the future? I worked for a web team at one point and the tech. lead kept telling us that PHP is being fazed out for other languages like Django or Ruby on Rails. I'm just asking to know if PHP is really something I should learn. 

#5170037 Web Programming Proffession [ Need Advice] -

Posted by on 29 July 2014 - 07:47 AM

Hi ,


   I'm a college student studying computer science and I am really lost as to what kind of programming I want to do. I wanted to try making money from home with programming, but it wasn't until now that I realized that I have no idea how to do it. Some friends have told me that web design/programming is a really good way to get started on this front, but I don't know how to do that. I've been doing code academy and I know some stuff from years ago (like HTML, javascript and CSS). 


My questions are:

   - Can I really be a web programmer that works from home and make a decent amount of money or am I just kidding myself? 

   - If the first is true, what languages should I learn to get started?

   - What jobs about web design should I look for? 



I know this may see a bit too much, but it seems as though there are a lot of people with experience here that I think can help me.


~ C Dos ~ 


#5169595 Alpha testers wanted

Posted by on 27 July 2014 - 02:51 PM



   I just created a flash game and I want to see if everything is working smoothly as well as general feedback on gameplay. Now the campaign is nowhere near finished, but all of the mechanics and what nots are done. I finished the tutorial for the game and I want you guys to test it to see how far anyone can go before a bug pops and also feedback on how good it is. If it is pretty fun I will add a sandbox mode where one doesn't have to follow the campaign. 


   This is a simulation type game. It isn't heavy on the details, but there are some things you can do in it. Basically you are a blacksmith that runs a shop. 


Link Here: http://www.newgrounds.com/projects/games/785009/preview


Any feedback is very helpful ^_^ *constructive criticisms please* 



~ CDos ~ 

#5165846 Story for an RTS - City Building/Warfaring Tactical Game

Posted by on 09 July 2014 - 10:38 AM

Hello all, 


  I am working on a game whose story is important in only that it serves as a background for the game. It took me a few days to hammer out the details, and I want to know if it is pretty good. 


The title of the project is thunderhead and it places the player on a planet that needs to be colonized so humans can live there. Unfortunately a hostile alien race lives there as well, but they aren't good people. The full story is below.


Ty in advance. 


 In 2400 the world was invaded by an unknown foreign species. This species destroyed the world and forced the eviction of every human on the planet. All humans that remained were systematically exterminated. The ones, who made it out, did so on specialized space ships used to sustain life for long periods of time.

                For a time, society was rebuilt in the heavens. Although most people were comfortable with the life they carved from the stars, one man, Obadiah Jones, longed for the world of his grandfather, the world of green grass and blue skies.  He persuaded the captain of each remaining ship to begin colonizing a planet that was found to be sustainable. This planet was dubbed, New Earth.

                Obadiah was given a set amount of resources to explore and colonize the planet. When scoping out the planet it was discovered that the alien race that nearly wiped out the entire human population had colonized every inch of this planet. So, another was to be found. Planet after planet was found, but each planet was found to be inhabited by the same alien species.

                Troops were rallied as the remaining races of men no longer wanted to hide in the heavens. They wanted to take back their birthright. Sure they couldn’t reclaim their home world, but they could carve out a new home in the final frontier.

                One by one the war against the alien species, now dubbed the Envahisseur, had begun. Obadiah and his troops reclaimed new earth. He showed the rest of humanity that they could be how they were, dominating the skies and earth. Several commanders were chosen to reclaim other nearby planets.

                And so you have been chosen as one of the commanders to begin colonizing one of the discovered planets. You begin by attacking a small Envahisseur village.