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1000 Monkeys > it's coming together

Posted 10 October 2005

intEGA seems to be coming together now :) I've implemented the line raster algorithm, including anti aliasing which does not look good because of the sheer size of the raster elements. I'm considering dropping this feature. The circle shape has been dropped, since an ellipse is more generic there is no real need for a circle shape. An ellipse is only...

1000 Monkeys > intEGA - continued

Posted 07 October 2005

So, I actually could get some work done on two projects. First I finished the density estimator project for the Pattern Recognition course I'm following, we had a tough time trying to debug the nearest neighbor density estimator. The bug was typical with respect to my Matlab experience, namely "/" had to be replaced by "./"...

Also, after two weeks of...

1000 Monkeys > status update

Posted 07 October 2005

Unfortunately I have been very busy with school related work the past week, so I haven't been able to do much work on intEGA. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze out some code during the weekend but it doesn't seem likely.

However, since I study a computer science related field (Artificial Intelligence), I have been doing much development :) During the...

1000 Monkeys > Project 0 - intEGA

Posted 02 October 2005

I'm currently following an introductory Computer Graphics course at the department of Computer Science in Amsterdam. The first week was of course on elementary rasterization algorithms, such as the midpoint line algorithm. This led me to the idea of creating a little program which shows the effect of rasterization as far as their discrete nature goes....

1000 Monkeys > T0

Posted 02 October 2005

This journal should denote the beginning of a period of fruitful productivity as far as my side projects go. I hope that by updating this journal I wont neglect my side projects as I'm used to.

So who am I? Currently I'm a 4th year student of Artificial Intelligence (Intelligent Systems) at the University of Amsterdam. I've been on and off developing...