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Member Since 23 Jul 2014
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Topics I've Started

Rendering engine design

09 October 2014 - 09:09 AM

Hi all! 


Since a bit ago I developed a small self-contained program for each effect/technique I wanted to try out.

Recently I felt the need of having a personal rendering engine, not to make a game, but just as a good and versatile sandbox for my graphics experiments. 


Foolishly enough, I have started bashing hands and head on my keyboard without a bigger plan and I came up with something that do work for some cases, but I am far from feeling comfortable with it. 


Do you know some open source (preferably using OpenGL) rendering engines that are reasonably small (to read the code easily), but good enough to take as example to start with?  Are there some good resources (aka tutorial or books) useful for my needs? 

I also wanted to learn about deferred rendering, so something that provide both forward and deferred would be great plus!



I am sorry if I am being clear of what I am asking or I am being too vague.


Thank you very much!



Solid angle in lat-long

19 August 2014 - 04:56 AM

I have an application for which I want to normalize a lat-long map by the solid angle subtended by each pixel, but I'm a bit lost with this. I did read that to have an equal area I have to multiply the values in the map by the vertical cosine fallof (cos phi), however as I'm curious to understand better, do you know a good source to fully understand why is this or can you explain to me why is this? I mean I know that the mapping is not equi-area, but why is the correction by cos phi (if it is cos phi)? 


Thank you!