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In Topic: Texture Samplers

29 January 2013 - 08:42 PM

Okay guys, I see your point. I've been in GL land for the last few years where all the state that's on a DX10+ sampler is actually directly on the texture. In that land, I've never needed to decouple a texture from a sampler (which I would have to effectively emulate). My artists have never come to given me a file with one texture used multiple ways.  So, the ability to use 2 samplers with 1 texture, while I understand it, isn't something I've ever needed to do. 


The ability to use 1 sampler with multiple textures adds something I guess but only because samplers are detached from textures on DX10+. Not because I actually need that functionality. Though I can see how if I did need it and I didn't have it I'd be screwed (would have to duplicate the texture).



In Topic: C++ Serialization Woes

29 June 2005 - 06:05 PM

Thanks for the advice.

The C++ Lite Faq covers how to serialize graphs if you are rolling your own but I was hoping to find a solution that didn't require me to write my own. The whole point is to save time and writing my own means spending more time (at least in the short term) then doing it the old fashion way so if I could find an existing solution that would be great but if I have to roll my own I could already tell it was going to take me longer than expected (things like needed special constuctors for filling in constant fields, references, etc....)

For example if you have a class

class Something
const string _name;
SomethingElse& _somethingElse;
Something(const string& name, SomethingElse& se)
: _name(name)
, _somethingElse(se)
{ }

void serialize(Archive& ar);

this is NOT going to work

void Something::serialize(Archive& ar)
if (ar.isWriting())
ar << _name;
ar << _somethingElse;
ar >> _name; // ERROR! _name is const!
ar >> _somethingElse; // ERROR! you can't set a reference

And there are a bunch of other little things like that which I'm sure there are solutions for but that's why I knew it would take me quite a while to roll my own.

Yesterday I was hoping there was an option in VC++ that would let my specify no RTTI for certain classes. Kind of like you can do this

extern "C" {
void myfunc (int c);

well if I could do this

extern "NORTTI" {
#include <plugin/api.h>

then the problem would be solved but I didn't find any such solution :-(