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[.net] antlr + mono + portable?

28 June 2011 - 11:58 AM

Hello everyone,

I'm looking into having an expression parser in my current project. A viable, fast approach is to use NCalc. Unfortunately (?) this relies on Antlr.runtime.dll.

So my question:

Has anyone used this combination (or antlr c# dlls itself) in a project that then has been ported to another platform supporting mono? I'm especially interested in any Unity project using this combination and your experience with this.

Best regards,

VS9 debugger and default values

16 June 2009 - 08:36 PM

Hi, I remember that the older versions of Visual Studio permitted for setting the default value which is used to initialize the variables when debugging. I've been searching for a similar possibility in VS9 but failed. Can someone please tell me where to find this feature? So: How can I set the debugger default variable initialization value? Thanks, Stefan

mscoree.dll without /clr switch

07 June 2009 - 09:47 PM

Hi everyone, I'm hitting my head on the table since two days with this problem. Perhaps someone has a clue where to look... I' a VS2008 solution containing several projects. Some of them have been upgraded from Visual Studio versions as old as VS6. One particular project only has been upgraded from VS2005, and it's this one which causes problems. The problem: The executable makes reference to mscoree.dll which is a .Net DLL for managed c++ code. The executable does not need that dll because normally, there should not be any .Net code in it (>800.000 lines of code; haven't read every single LOC). Upon exiting the application, an exception is thrown within the managed code of the above mentioned dll. Normally, managed code compilation is triggered through the /clr switch in Visual Studio. I've verified the command line statements and I cannot see any /clr. Neither is set any visible managed code switch in the properties window. What I remark, though, is that the Framework and References part of the property window is enabled (right click onto project -> properties -> Common properties -> Framework and References) and set to ".Net Framework 2.0". All other projects do not have this panel enabled and the framework selection combobox is disabled. Does anyone know how to find out how the managed code stuff is linked to my application? How to disable the framework target combo box? Best regards and thanks, Stefan

Developing and WindowBlinds

30 May 2008 - 11:20 AM

Hi, I was going to prepare a new version of my SSCXML sdk when I wanted to close my demo application using the window close button on the top right of the window. Unfortunately the application froze. At first I thought that I had forgot something or that I used a wrong WM_ message but when I took a look at my application with Spy++ and when I saw that the WM_CLOSE message didn't show up, I wondered what happened. Since a couple of days I'm using WindowBlinds on this machine. I was looking at this thing for quite a while having used a trial version some years ago. I like the skins that have been produced for it and so I purchased a copy. TBH that (and a new E8400 replacing my E6150) was the only changement to my computer in the last couple of days. So I tried to see if WindowBlinds was the culprit. And it was... In fact, if I start my application from within VS2005 using the debugger, my application is skinned by WindowBlinds and clicking on the close button does not work. But if I start the application (either release build or debug build) *without* using the debugger (ctrl+f5), the application is *NOT* skinned and everything works as expected. Also, if I unload WindowBlinds and start the application with the debugger, it works... So it must be WindowBlinds... Has anyone else encountered this ? Is there a work-around? I'm working under Vista 32bit btw. Thanks, Metron

Ogre + Navi + VS2008

06 February 2008 - 09:27 PM

Hi, I'm trying to use Ogre + Navi with Visual Studio 2008. While I managed to compile everything, I have some problems starting my app. First there were some problems with missing msvcr80d.dlls. After putting these manually into the right folders, other dlls came up (all 80d related). And finally I got an error message, that my app is trying to load dlls that are not stated by the manifest file. If anyone has managed to compile and debug an app using Ogre + Navi using VS2008, please drop me a line to explain how I can do this. I spent 2 days on this even recompiling Navi and the ll* dependecies (Ubrowser stuff). Thanks, Metron