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In Topic: NAS - recommend one? (diskless)

23 November 2014 - 04:03 PM

Okay, so I got the Synology DS214se.

And noticed that I overlooked some nasty detail: its support for file systems other than ext4 is only for external drives, so one is stuck with ext4.


Now, I have read several seemingly knowledgeable people explain that ext4 is quite sensitive to power loss - so badly that it may trash a partition unrecoverably. (I am not quite an expert on file systems or linux, but that scenario was explicitly outlined)
This quite upsets me - since it makes having a darn expensive RAID-1 setup rather pointless, doesn't it? I convinced myself to spend over 400 EUR for some more storage "because data loss gets a lot more unlikely", so now this is kinda disappointing, to put it mildly.


I guess I'm still searching for a NAS then, one that supports a file system which lends itself better to data safety.

Well, have to research that subject more, when I got the time ™ *sigh*

In Topic: NAS - recommend one? (diskless)

20 November 2014 - 01:50 PM


Yes I'm definitiely asking for single-user systems, no real servers - and within that frame, there ought to be something in the 100 bucks price range that's not total crap? I mean, it's not rocket science. It seems ridiculous that I buy a damn glorified HDD controller for more than double or triple of what my actual main computer costs.

What you pay for is getting a system that works reliably and that holds your data with redundancy. This is something that matters for single-user system as much as for systems that serve a thousand users. Losing data sucks big time. Restoring from backup sucks as well, even if you don't lose much.



Harddisks start making noise? Pull them out one-by-one, plug in new ones, and worry no more. Data is still there and you need not interrupt your work for one minute. That's what you pay for.


Yes, yes, you sold me already on the synology, ordered one a few hours ago ;-)
There might be a plethora of hackier options, but one thing that I really don't have is time to mess around and things still not working after a weekend.
Now if you were literal with a few clicks to have a "remote" GIT / SVN server, that would be a very nice plus :-D

In Topic: NAS - recommend one? (diskless)

20 November 2014 - 10:08 AM


It looks like you're asking about the cheap version.  They are cheap single-user devices. They are tiny, low power, and mostly work okay. If you don't like one brand for whatever reason, pick a different brand. You are NOT paying for quality builds with any of these products. Personally I've seen several of them used, and the WD MyCloud systems are not particularly worse than the other brands.


If you're asking about the expensive version, that is going to be a large rack mounted enclosure containing a bunch of drive bays. They start around $1500 / 1200 EUR before you add the drives, but you can throw in a bunch of SSDs if you want, plus they'll handle heavy loads and extended use.

Yes I'm definitiely asking for single-user systems, no real servers - and within that frame, there ought to be something in the 100 bucks price range that's not total crap? I mean, it's not rocket science. It seems ridiculous that I buy a damn glorified HDD controller for more than double or triple of what my actual main computer costs.
Low power usage is a nice plus.

Concerning WD, I'll tell you my experience with the "MyBook" of a few years ago. 6 months after I got mine, new, it started to hum like a bees hive - nothing that inspires confidence to put valuable data on, which is kinda bad, considering it was supposed to be a backup drive that I only turned on once in a while, nothing near like the 6 months permanent use. I RMA'd it, got one back that lasted almost exactly 6 months again. I RMA'd again, that time I guess since the year was over, they sent me an obviously used one - which was dead on arrival - they did not even bother to check the crap they're sending, and their support was, let's say, less than helpful, they had trouble understanding the connections between events and items I tried to explain to them repeatedly, giving completely useless answers & suggestions... eh..

Well, good that I kept the 2nd turned bee hive one, and sent back the DOA turd. So now my WD is a spare drive that I rarely use - for what it is that was too expensive.

Let me add - this experience (after 6 months the thing humming like all screws are loose) I found reported many times in amazon reviews, too.

In Topic: What music do you listen to when you are in the zone?

19 December 2013 - 11:44 AM

Optimally *nothing*. Silence is nice.


But there are some types of music which make working at least more possible than some noise from neighbors or outdoors.

One important factor would be, no vocals, or in a language I do not understand (wouldbe english grunt vowels of death metal counts here :D )

Vocals tend to be too distracting.


- some types of instrumental jazz

- some "ambient" stuff, possibly movie soundtracks like alien. Makes somewhat nervous and works comparable to caffeine in that regard ^^
- some classical music, e.g. baroque
- metal with non-recognizeable or no vocals, esp. jazz metal, math metal - it might seem very distracting if not used to it


In Topic: Anybody left from the 2003 crowd?

19 December 2013 - 11:09 AM

yes, here, but I always was kind of a lurker ^^