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Mouse axes sensitivity, forcing unwilling game ?

07 June 2015 - 12:01 PM

I've encountered a few (luckily very few) games now over the years where either the developers f'd this up and then didn't care, or perhaps some retarded game designer thought this was cool: Different weighting of the mouse axes, without any option to set this to your liking.

Example: Metro (2033 and Redux), where the Y axis is much less sensitive than the X axis, which makes the game unplayable for me.

If found some forum threads across the net were people felt the same way, but an alleged solution (mentioned only once and no one reporting success) to set some mouse curve in a cfg file doesn't work.


So I thought, could there be some general way to solve this, once and for all, for every game that would be worth playing if it weren't for that issue?

Does anyone know of e.g. a custom mouse driver that would allow setting profiles with such different weighting factors...?

Or if there isn't already, how would one go about implementing this, if it's possible? I guess if people can write xbox gamepad "emulators" something like this could also work.


WP 8.1 ePub reader with scrolling

08 May 2015 - 02:00 PM



Is there an ebook reader for Windows Phone 8.1 that supports at least the epub format and which allows to scroll at pixel resolution (tracking hand movement) by wiping? I.e. just like a normal good ol PDF reader on regular windows would do.

I don't want that damn page turning animation, or any whole page turning at all. It's beyond me why people like having the disadvantages of older media simulated, but I guess I'm weird.

Also, all I need is to read ebooks from my sdcard.
It would be nice if it can display technical books.

I don't want any shenanigans going on. No need to be online, not downloading / buying ebooks some places online as a prominent function of the program, no automatic sorting / categorizing and whatnot all the "cool" apps do. No other information besides book content and maybe "page x of y" on screen. One ebook reader even wanted to access my location, WTF? GTFO.

I've tried the first few free ones that show up in windows app store, none gets a pass.
Let it cost a few bucks, if it's good, I don't mind.


Is there such an app?


Commodore 64 cases from original molds (Kickstarter)

14 March 2015 - 08:44 AM

Do you still have one good old C64 somewhere on a pedestal, and think it could use a fresh, new case, maybe with a different color?

This guy claims to have gotten hold of the original injection molds for the case (newer type). Now he wants to make cases, as replacement or for new projects. Looks like the transparent ones are already gone (?).

The pledge goal is already reached 5x over, and running 19 days.





Now if only somebody also made the keyboards for it... ^^

Multi-Resolution / Scalable UI Apps for Android / iPhone

05 March 2015 - 08:37 AM

Hey there.

I can imagine that this has been talked about, but my non-native chosen search terms seem to be amiss again.

So feel free to just point where this is discussed already ;-)


It's not about a game, but about an app with another target group which really likes colorful, fancy user interfaces: musicians.

So far we got a proof of concept app with pixelgraphics for exactly one type of phone ;-)

As we'd like to have a broad audience, we envision an app for iPhone and Android which works on the multitude of screen formats which there are.
When I think of "scalable", I think of vectors.

But my impression of vector graphics based stuff so far is that it can look semi-fancy but rather "functional".
Luckily we don't have anything photo-like on the screen, it's all drawn stuff so far, modern, with gradients. But there are some animations, which are currently done with a series of bitmaps...

EDIT: Let me add that we're not mobile developers. We might look into it, but an external party was doing the demo app. But they may not be experienced in doing fancy looking apps for multiple screen formats or even platforms, so I'm looking around myself a bit, to get some idea what to expect.

How to best go about this? Is this even a reasonable goal? What kind of resolution and dpi differences can be spanned, things still looking good, typically?
- unshaven

NAS - recommend one? (diskless)

19 November 2014 - 10:42 AM

Hi there.


Just ordered 2x 4TB 3,5" HDDs for RAID-1 and a NAS of LogiLink, only to learn that it supports only 3TB and cannot be upgraded - manfacturer's site and the sellers site or the datasheet don't tell, only the packaging & telephone support do... *rolleyes*


Well. I was looking at the Buffalo Linkstation 220, a review said you can't see things like the RAIDs / HDDs health status on their web interface, which seems pretty useless then. Also the web interface is said to be horribly slow.

So I'm looking again for new options. I won't buy WD for bad experience with their NAS products and customer support (if they even have diskless ones).

Can you recommend one you're really satisfied with?

Short Specs:

- must support at least 2x 4TB = 8TB total without gasping for air all the time
- helpful web interface or other convenient way that allows for monitoring the things status, so I'm warned early when something's bad (emails for that are a nice plus but not enough alone)

- I'll use it only at home, not over the internet, so I don't care for anything that concerns that
- mainly from windows machines

I thought the price of the Buffalo thing (about 80 EUR) was okay. Might go somewhat higher if justified, but not much.


Thanks in advance,

- unshaven