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Magic Pixels > Time for a fresh week!

Posted joew on 20 July 2014 - 12:12 AM

I spent the majority of the week polishing design, although that pretty much amounted to ability naming and drafting our final HUD design and functionality. Until you sit down and try to name 120 abilities and make them all both represent the action as well as sound interesting, you don't really realize the amount of time and effort this takes! I still ne...

Magic Pixels > Evolution of Icons

Posted joew on 16 July 2014 - 06:15 PM

One of the things we're working on finalizing right now on Empyrios: Prophecy of Flame is the HUD for selecting unit abilities. Our artist Jove is working on upgrading and polishing the final artwork for the icons, and we also need to make one other small change that I've meant to for about a year but haven't had a chance.

What is the ability bar? It's t...

Magic Pixels > What's in a name?

Posted joew on 13 July 2014 - 12:21 AM

We have finally completed the work needed to correct the naming/branding issue I mentioned in my last post . It took a lot more time and effort than I had originally hoped, but in the end I'm extremely happy with the change. I previously mentioned that we had selected a new name, and I thought we had, but after thinking about it over a longer period of ti...

Magic Pixels > Speed bumps and soft launches

Posted joew on 10 July 2014 - 03:46 PM

Whenever people ask me what it's like to build a startup, not just in games but in general, I often equate it to driving a car with no breaks down a road full of speed bumps and road blocks. If you're small and self funded you'll be wearing many hats, and like it or not you're going to miss things along the way and run into a lot of issues, but to be succ...

Magic Pixels > We announced Empyrios our strategy RPG!

Posted joew on 04 July 2014 - 09:36 AM

We're a tiny studio and we finally found the time (well made the time by staying up about 50 hours straight) to finalize our site and announce our upcoming strategy RPG Empyrios for the iPad/Mac/PC platforms. Also I saw a posting by GDNet on facebook regarding being in the banner, and I'm hoping to get some consideration as three long time community membe...

Magic Pixels > Efficient texture loading on iOS (and other mobile) devices

Posted joew on 22 October 2012 - 12:07 AM

While working on our current game title on mobile platforms I ran into the need for extremely efficient texture loading. Now that I have some free time I figured I would write an article on the most efficient way of loading texture data on iOS/Android devices that are using a PowerVR chip.

What problem does this solve?
The main reason was a need for...

Magic Pixels > Free pixel art characters available for download

Posted joew on 26 September 2012 - 08:13 AM

With my last post it seemed like there might be a little interest in giving some free pixel art characters for people to use so I got everything ready and packed up. The package includes the individual png sprite frames, the .gal (graphics gale) files, and the two full character sheets. It includes ten characters with the humans nearly complete and the...

Magic Pixels > Anyone have a use for some pixel art?

Posted joew on 25 September 2012 - 07:35 PM

During pre-production on our current title when we were defining art style and world design we built 10 characters before completely changing direction and art style. They are in various stages of completion (the human characters have all 3 directions with multiple animations such as different actions, hurt, death, etc.. while the undead characters are much...