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In Topic: Who are your developer heros?

06 May 2013 - 01:10 PM

I have no "developer hero". Idolization is not really my thing. But I often find inspiration in other people's accounts and experiences. Nobody in particular though.


I certainly wouldn't say I idolize a developer, but I can understand having a developer hero.  For me, it is probably Roberta Williams.  Her games are pretty much what inspired me to go into the computing field.

In Topic: What game type do you prefer and why?

22 February 2013 - 12:02 PM

Honestly, I'm not a fan of action games.  I prefer more intellectual games such as puzzles & adventures (not action/adventure, that's a completely different genre).  Think Lucas Arts & Sierra games of old, or The Last Express (similar games which are sorely missing from app stores).  I just like to take my time and play on my schedule and not the games.  As for dimensions, I prefer 2D.  I can only play 3D games for so long before I get nauseous and I also tend to find that 3D gameplay is too simplistic for my taste.  (I don't mind 2D gameplay with 3D graphics though).

In Topic: How does Google know about my GameDev.net profile?

17 January 2013 - 02:24 AM

This is serious shit. A run a search on myself a few times per year but so far I never found anything even remotely as scary as that!

If you're paranoid about your information getting out, that's about the last thing you should do. Typically, if I recall correctly, the number one name a person typically looks for on search engines, when you remove celebrities, is their own name.

In Topic: So, windows 8?

15 December 2012 - 02:54 PM

One thing that bothers me though is that the modern UI can only work on one screen at all times, so if I have the media player app docked to the left of my leftmost screen and open up the start menu or the side bar (or whatever they call it) on my rightmost screen, the app will suddenly switch screens, which gets really annoying after a while.

I've had severe issues with multiple screens and Windows 8, particularly when trying to view video on the secondary screen. Many applications just seem only to work on my primary monitor. Hopefully that's just an NVidia problem.

As for boot times, I guess I'm just fortunate to have had a great PC when I had Windows 7, that the upgrade to Windows 8 really wasn't anything noticeable for me. It boots up about 1 1/2 seconds faster than Windows 7.

Definitely get the start bar back if you get it. That being said, I'm honestly not too thrilled with the OS. The Metro interface is now cluttered with executables, even if they're the uninstall program that would never be shown on the desktop. And even things such as turning the computer off before you have the start button is not a 1 step affair. Yes, there are ways to alleviate both of the above issues, but a solid OS should not require intervening steps, but work right off the bat. This is an area where Apple does things right imho. All too often the UI gets put on the back burner, because management seems to think anyone can make one, but there's a difference between a UI and a good UI. And making a useful UI is an art.

In Topic: Next-Gen Gaming PC?

27 November 2012 - 05:23 PM

Well, right now, it's starting to look like the "next gen gaming pc" won't actually exist (or at least, not in it's current form)

In 3 years time, a lot of people will have the same PC they have right now, so don't get too optimistic.

This, or an iPad.
I'm more concerned about PC becoming less and less common than what silly specs it will have. Who needs 32GiB for a game? Few present games truly need something bigger than a single mid-class graphics card and few use the major part of memory on present day machines.
Few people really have a need for running Skyrim with maximum settings on dual WQUXGA stereo displays at 600fps. For something kind of "reasonable", a present-time $150 graphics card, a 2-3 year old CPU, and 4-8GiB of RAM work just fine.

1000W PSU

This is what the 17 year old experts in specialized builder shops are trying to sell to you right now, if you have them build a PC having a CPU with a TDP of 77W, a graphics card with a TDP of 110W, and a SSD with a TDP of 2W.
Obviously typical mainboards consume upwards of 700W, because hey, the experts tell you that you need this. Or that's what you need for charging your mobile on USB...

In terms of a gaming PC, I think we've hit near the top of the line for at least the next decade. Laptops have surpassed desktop ownership, and tablets look to be on their way to surpassing both fairly quickly. Neither tablets nor laptops are anywhere near the power of the desktop, but that really doesn't matter. It's about money, and for most people, a 7 year old console is good enough for video games. Why would companies want to invest millions to cater towards a minute audience in terms of actual profit?

I think tablet technology will have to change somewhat, but that's the way of the future. Sooner or later, it will pass a stagnating PC in terms of capabilities, at which point, the PC as we know it will probably die off.