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In Topic: Multi thread rendering engine

05 September 2016 - 02:06 AM

[Apparently the information here, despite it being my job, was bad... at least according to whatever drive-by downvoters metric... as I don't want to spread bad information it has been removed]

In Topic: Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

24 August 2016 - 07:25 AM

You live in a nationalist society where it's it's not only ok to say that you're the best country in the world (such a statement would be a massive faux pas anywhere else - it's downright scary that this needs explaining), but that it's almost a requirement to say so and to fall in line with the rest of the crazy nationalists.

This remains one of the most baffling things about the population of the USA; by so many metrics the country is not 'the best' yet they run around shouting that it is... as if saying it enough will make it true I guess?

This is summed up for me perfectly by the opening segment of the TV show The Newsroom, where upon being asked why the USA is the greatest nation on earth the republican news anchor basically snaps and lays out all the ways it isn't. (Much to the astonishment of the rest of the panel, the people there for it and everyone watching...)

In Topic: Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

24 August 2016 - 05:05 AM

Tell me how America is not the most accepting nation?
If you think that makes me a racist, you need to take a look in the mirror.

1) "Most" implies number one... I'm saying that you are, at best, the same as every other Western nation i.e. we all let plenty of people in and all deport plenty. You are by no means the 'most' however.

2) Never mentioned racism. Well done defending a point that was never made and going for some kind of sympathy vote I guess?

You seem to have a problem with the USA not being number 1... I'd look in to that, probably point to some underlying inferiority complex..

In Topic: Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

23 August 2016 - 01:35 PM

When did "white Christians", gay marriage and abortion come into play when talking about the second amendment?

You mentioned 'freedoms and liberty'; I offered a counter point that freedoms and liberty only seems to apply when its white "straight" "Christian" dudes (for the most part) whose freedom and liberty we are talking about, which just happens to align with wanting the shooty shooty bang bang sticks too...

(Both things are in quotes because they aren't always either/both of those things, not really... but generally they are white dudes...)

America the most accepting nation?
Aaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha.... oh wait.. you were serious.... in that case AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

At BEST you'd be on a par with places like the UK so don't give me those 'most' bullshit.

Story 1: That guy most likely wouldn't have/pull a gun over something like that as long as there's a strict enough legal consequence.
Story 2: This is actually a great use case for guns. In a situation where someone kicks me from behind, I'm going to shoot them through the heart before any more words are exchanged. Because you weren't able to do that, you got beaten + robbed.

1: You assume people are rational. People are idiots.

2: Fuck me... seek help dude... because that's some pretty psychopath bullshit right there...

(but does back up my 'everyone wants to be a hero' stuff from earlier... so.. yeah, you are a fucking psycho but thanks I guess?)

In Topic: Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

23 August 2016 - 12:00 PM

Don't be confused and think we want to keep guns because every one fears for their life. The self-defense angle is simply a tangible argument. And it is a beautiful way to live. I am going to venture to take a guess that you have never touched a gun of any type in your entire life. The idea of individual liberty and freedoms is much more attractive than the collective mind set that would aim to strip those freedoms to satisfy the group instead of the individual.

Except I reject that argument because the rest of the world gets on just fine without it.

More importantly I can think of two situations in my own life where, had guns been a thing in this country I would either have been killed and/or seriously injured.

The first being on the way home from a night out; friend of mine stops to make a phone call as he has noted the gates to the local TA Centre were open and he felt he should report it. I'm standing across the road from him when a guy who was standing slightly up the road wanders up, we have a brief conversation and then he askes if he can get a cig from me. I don't smoke and tell him so. He doesn't believe me and gets up in my face - I've had a bad week or so at this point so after asking him repeated to back away and telling me I don't have any cigs I snap, grab him by the throat and lift him slightly before bending him backwards over a railing and telling him clearly I don't have any cigs and he should fuck off and leave me alone.

I let go, guy gets pissed off and shouts something at me before storming back towards the house he came from; moments later he appears carrying two kitchen knives - at this point I'm about 150m away from the guy and thinking "fuck" and plotting my escape routes. In your alternative reality (aka USA) at this point he walks out with a gun and I'm REALLY fucked because I've no route which can get me out of line of sight before he can fire a few rounds in my direction.

Even if I was carrying it wouldn't have helped the situation - if I draw earlier he still potentially appears with a gun after I figure he has gone. If I draw when he comes out we now have (at best) a stand off where he is more likely to shoot due to being pissed off (and don't try to claim it wouldn't; recent news where a mom shot and kill her two teenage daughters in the street proves this happens) and I'm probably slightly too drunk to shoot back at distance anyway.
(Also likely hood of friend getting hurt or shots going in to houses near by due to inability to aim clearly due to drink and distance.)

End result; guns... no good!

Second situation;
Going out for a night a few weeks later, still in the 'shit is bad' point of life. Walking along with someone behind me who decides to trip me slightly from behind - no idea who this guy was, just some random on the street. Basically he didn't like the way I was dressed and was sick of 'people like you walking around like they own the place'. I told him to fuck off and kept walking; a few feet later I hear fast footsteps behind me and on instinct turn and kick catching him running up behind me. Tell him to fuck off again and keep walking.

About 400m later he meets up with a friend and now they are BOTH following me - at this point future isn't looking great so I made a run for it. Long story short they catch up to me, I don't react fast enough to the sound of running and get knocked down, take a few kicks and punches, they take the £20 I had on me and wander off. I go to A&E to get my head looked at as it was cut.

So, got a slight kicking... but lets add our friend Mr Gun in to the mix!

- Situation 1; I'm walking in front of him, he thinks "fuck this guy" and shoots me in the back somewhere. Game over.
- Situation 2; I draw on him after he trips me, he backs off a bit but still follows me and we still can loop back to situation 1.
- Situation 3; I draw, he backs off and follows, he meets up with his mate now two guys with guns are following me... I'm fucked.

End result; guns... no good!

In both cases someone, either myself because I fire first or him because he shoots me is going away and the other is potentially seriously hurt or dead. In both cases it is most likely to be myself who is hurt in those situations.

The much used "home invasion" is frankly not something we have to worry about - the fact you do, thus the need to be armed, is probably down to deeper social economic problems but America also refuses to address those so... MORE GUNS!

Finally; your police are armed because your population is armed. I'm sure you recall the news a few weeks ago where someone, having told the officer who stopped him that he was carrying, was shot and killed by said armed officer... yeah.. that REALLY works well for you guys.

Also, don't come the 'individual liberty and freedoms' line with me, because we both know that's also BS in the USA.
Sure, people are all for 'freedom' when it comes to white "Christian" dudes with guns... but omg! a woman wants to have an abortion! time to get all up in her rights! omg! two people of the same sex want to be together! time to get all up in their rights!

Amusing the 'guns = freedom!' and the 'only what liberty we say!' group have a tendency to overlap... so, yeah... we all know that particular point is a lie :)

Personally, I quite like the freedom not to walk down the street and worry about being shot so I don't need a weapon on me... :)