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Black Knight

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Under a ShadowyTree > NightFall getting in good shape

Posted 23 September 2011

Done a lot of work on Nightfall, check it out at http://apps.facebook.com/nightfall

Also the game we are working on at work is finally went live.

Check out Dirty Dancing at : http://apps.facebook...rtydancinggame.

Under a ShadowyTree > What happened to the OpenGL community?

Posted 10 March 2011

Back in the day when OpenGL was popular there were tons of resources on it, nowadays everything is out-of-date or very spread out. Opengl.org is really lacking in terms of useful docs and there isn't a real SDK as the D3D one.

Since OpenGL is pretty much on par with D3D11 in terms functionality I am hoping to see some updated sites with this...

Under a ShadowyTree > App on facebook

Posted 14 February 2011

Not much happening around here, other than a cold winter and tons of snow.

The application we are working on facebook has gone public on facebook, you can try it out here : Prize Arcade

I have programmed the front end of this app in ActionScript 3 and using the Flex 3 Framework.

You can play and...

Under a ShadowyTree > Flex 4 Background Image Fail

Posted 12 November 2010

Seriously why did adobe made putting a background image to controls so much harder between flex 3 and flex 4?

In flex3 most of the components have a backgroundImage property.

<mx:Box backgroundImage="images/boxBackground.png"></mx:Box>

And you are done.

In Flex 4 you have have to either write tons of code to create a custom skin and do...

Under a ShadowyTree > Javascript map editor

Posted 03 September 2010

I am working on a map editor for the browser game.
Looks like it is not possible to get image clicks for items inside a canvas because all mousedown/up and click events are sent to the canvas.

So I had to loop through all tiles and check which tile is clicked to modify it.

Tiles and panning can be selected from the right toolbar. Here is the link :...