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In Topic: Nintendo NX/Switch

20 October 2016 - 01:20 PM

Looks kind of fun. They only showed it playing games; does that mean it doesn't also double up as a Netflix player and general tablet?

In Topic: Creating a Game For Yourself Rather than Others

12 October 2016 - 10:33 AM

I dislike games with any form of narrative - or rather I dislike the narrative and ignore it. I also like games where you don't have to progress by completing missions and unlocking things, I like to just jump into the action and jump out when I'm bored. The fun is in the playing, not in winning or losing  - so while I'd love to make an RTS one day I might like one that is more like SimCity where you are constantly developing and not just trying to end the level.


So I like games like soccer, driving games, deathmatch arena.


It turns out most people don't share these views...

In Topic: Game Prices on Steam: should there be regulation/guidelines?

19 May 2016 - 06:19 AM

I think I'd be put off by games only costing $2, I'd assume they were crap.

In Topic: I just survived A Pit bull attack. man this town sux big time.

27 March 2016 - 01:27 PM

dogs are also very dangerous around me, people dont even build proper fences, so the dogs can come out, and agressively bark. getting a weapon is a good idea, if it is legal in your contry. dont risk yourself. 

Yes you definitely need a weapon if a dog is going to aggressively bark at you. A bit like how if a youth shouts at you in the street, you should shoot them.

In Topic: I just survived A Pit bull attack. man this town sux big time.

27 March 2016 - 01:26 PM


This is not quite true. It is likely that the meat you were eating contained a small percentage of horse, particularly in pies or lasagne or other processed foods. It is unlikely you would buy a pack of beef and it would be horse meat.


Obvious you weren't in the UK or parts of Western Europe some years ago.

braindigitalis was telling the truth. It was a very big scandal in the UK some few years ago. Horse meat, in very large proportions was mixed with beef  (sometimes up to 100% horse meat) and sold as pure beef  


The problem was first picked up by Irish food inspectors who announced in mid-January 2013 that they had found horse meat in frozen beef burgers. Subsequently, the UK informed the Commission on 8 February 2013 that a UK company (Findus UK) had been selling beef lasagne supplied by a French company (Comigel-Tavola Luxembourg) which tests showed contained between 80-100% horse meat.



Um, I live in the UK and followed this news. Lasagne IS processed food.