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Topics I've Started

Are there any good RTS games on iPad?

13 November 2014 - 05:22 AM

As title really? I see iPad as potentially a good interface for classic RTS games, with some tweaks of course.

Starting mobile development - cross-platform or target each OS specifically?

07 November 2014 - 07:22 AM

If I said that I wanted to get into mobile game development (for commercial purposes), would you advise me to try and develop the game once using a cross-platform toolkit, or to create multiple ports so each can use more directly the features of the underlying OS? Or would you tell me not to even think about multiple platforms, but just make it on the primary platform and then deal with ports later?


A little more detail: I'm a very experienced C++ developer with also quite a lot of Java/C# experience. I'm been coding professionally for 10 years doing games and business software and am familiar with libraries like Ogre3D as well as DirectX and the basics of shaders. I actually have done some iOS development but using pure C++ and Ogre3D, trying to avoid learning the 'proper iOS way' :)

Although I have done some web-dev work and quite a lot of AS3/Flex coding, I have never tried writing an application in JS.


For this discussion, let's say the game is 2D.


All opinions and anecdotes welcome! 



Fun PS3 driving/racing games?

23 October 2014 - 04:12 AM

I'm thinking I'll probably get F1 2014 but that's much more a simulator type game. I wondered what you guys would recommend that's more "pick up and play", exciting stuff? I quite liked some of the NFS games years ago but I couldn't care less about putting stickers on my car or the whole "car scene". Are there any great PS3 games where I can wallop my car around a circuit, with some level of realism and driver skill but without having to choose my gear ratios and tyres, preferably being able to knock other cars off the track smile.png


edit: I can take or leave weapons and powerups.


What is this genre - arcade racing? But not something like WipeOut, that's too darn fast!


Most recently I have played the original GRID and NFS: Hot Pursuit. Both fun but not quite what I want. The latter was a great setup too much about mini-games and challenges. And there are just so many games in the NFS franchise I can't keep up what is available!

Following Journals?

08 August 2014 - 03:29 AM

I marked Slayemin's journal to follow. But I get no notifications when he posts new journal entries, and I can't see his journal listed anywhere in my profile. Without using RSS, can I get notified of new journal posts (preferably by email)?

Mac suitable and best value for joint Windows & iOS dev PC?

18 June 2014 - 01:27 PM

I have a 4yo desktop with one of the original Intel Core 2 Quad CPUs, which is getting a little elderly. I primarily work in Windows but have a 2007 MacBook; I recently started supporting iOS so I need a Mac but this too is getting rather sluggish.


I'm not bothered by super high-spec PCs so would probably look to spend £500 on a new desktop (or $500 in the US, it's roughly comparable), and the cheapest Mac Mini since the cost of iMac is hard to justify for part-time use.


But I wonder, would getting a more powerful Mac and using it for both (using bootcamp, not virtualization) actually make more sense?  A top-spec Mac Mini is a big price-jump from the lower end ones - £400 more - but still cheaper than two machines since you don't get much of a desktop for £400. The only missing bit is the discrete graphics but modern integrated GPUs are so much better than they once were.


Anyone care to throw in any opinions or personal experiences that are relevant?