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What's available in terms of motion-controllers, and how accurate are they?

20 August 2015 - 09:13 AM

Not sure if this should go in a technical forum, please move if so...


One of my favourite games is a Wii Tennis game where you actually use the WiiMote as a tennis-racket, and the nuances of how you angle it affect top-spin, slicing, etc. It's one of the few games where you genuinely feel like your motion is useful, not a gimmick.


But, the Wiimote is not that accurate even with the add-on - it gets confused sometimes. I wondered what's out there that an Indie game developer could develop for on the PC, and exactly how accurate these devices are? For instance do they accurately track changes in position and orientation - if you track a 3D curve of where the controller reports its position to be, would it be smooth or erratic?

[RTS] How to encourage base-building without the game taking too long?

30 March 2015 - 04:31 AM

I like an RTS where you take time to build a well-defended base and a decent army. It's how I play RTS games even though it's not the 'right' way, but one problem is that it makes every game last for hours. I almost split the game in two - 1)build a base 2)battle the enemies


The first part tends to be quite repetitive as well and while some people probably like that, I wondered how I can promote the "big base" approach without a mandatory 1 hour base-building phase at the start of each game?

Incorporating programming into gameplay

25 March 2015 - 08:09 AM

There have always been some games which focus on the player doing some programming but I've only seen this done AS the game e.g. write a bot AI for a bot fighting game.


My interest is mainly in RTS games and particularly in giving the player a higher-level position in controlling their base and armies instead of individual units. One interesting idea (to me) is having a hierarchical AI system... each unit has its own AI, each unit is in a squadron which has squadron-level AI, squadrons group into larger groups led by a General who has it's own AI, etc... similarly your base has AI controlling how to prioritise resource harvesting, unit creation, which buildings to power/protect in case of shortages.


Being able to upgrade these AIs as part of the game could make a big difference rather than just having bigger guns. But then one thought I had was letting the player actually write their own AI code. Designing how your Generals will function to complement your tactics, and so on.

Many games use scripting (Lua, etc) for AI which means in theory you can already do this if a game exposes those scripts. But what do people think about this actually being a deliberate part of the game?


Both in RTS and other games, how does the idea of part of the game being about programming grab you? Is this so niche that it's commercial suicide and could only happen as an open-source/hobby project? 

Has anyone got work through GD Classifieds?

25 March 2015 - 06:25 AM

Not sure if General is the right place for this...


I'm an experienced professional developer (12 years) who switched to working freelance/contractor 6 years ago. I'm half-interested in finding some part-time work alongside my current part-time contract, as much to add variety to my work as anything else.


I noticed GD lets me advertise as a contractor programmer but I have no idea if anyone is looking here for that kind of thing - an experienced developer charging professional rates - or the marketplace is more the place for indie projects looking for cheap resources? For one thing, I'm not super-comfortable charging a high rate to someone who is paying out of their life savings!


So I thought I'd ask, if any people in a similar position to me have got contract/freelance work through GD - there's obviously tons of top developers on the site? 

Anyone used any RTS game engines?

23 March 2015 - 07:09 AM

I'm so tempted to try and find the time to start tinkering on my ideas for RTS games again. But daunted by the huge effort needed to start from scratch.


I actually have my own RTS game I started on for the 4E4 contest (http://archive.gamedev.net/archive/community/contest/4e4/download.html) But it is written against bare D3DX.


I came across https://springrts.com/ RTS engine and there are a few more on a simple google search but I wondered if anyone had any direct experience using such tools they could share?


I'm most experienced in C++ and probably that's the way to go if I'd like to have the option of Mac/Linux support (I know .net is going open-source but it's a bit early). I've used Ogre3D quite a lot but that's a pure 3D engine and if I'm going to use an engine I might as well go all-in and get all the features I can for free... multi-player, AI, path-finding, etc.


Thanks for any thoughts.