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Following Journals?

08 August 2014 - 03:29 AM

I marked Slayemin's journal to follow. But I get no notifications when he posts new journal entries, and I can't see his journal listed anywhere in my profile. Without using RSS, can I get notified of new journal posts (preferably by email)?

Mac suitable and best value for joint Windows & iOS dev PC?

18 June 2014 - 01:27 PM

I have a 4yo desktop with one of the original Intel Core 2 Quad CPUs, which is getting a little elderly. I primarily work in Windows but have a 2007 MacBook; I recently started supporting iOS so I need a Mac but this too is getting rather sluggish.


I'm not bothered by super high-spec PCs so would probably look to spend £500 on a new desktop (or $500 in the US, it's roughly comparable), and the cheapest Mac Mini since the cost of iMac is hard to justify for part-time use.


But I wonder, would getting a more powerful Mac and using it for both (using bootcamp, not virtualization) actually make more sense?  A top-spec Mac Mini is a big price-jump from the lower end ones - £400 more - but still cheaper than two machines since you don't get much of a desktop for £400. The only missing bit is the discrete graphics but modern integrated GPUs are so much better than they once were.


Anyone care to throw in any opinions or personal experiences that are relevant?

is an iPad up to spec for this augmented-reality project?

06 June 2014 - 02:07 AM

I was playing snooker yesterday as a total beginner and am trying to learn where exactly I should be aiming the cue ball. I was struck by the idea that if you could build an application which knew where all the balls were on the table, it could tell you where to aim and show this in a simple 3D world.


Then I thought, could you use the iPad camera to let your app automatically figure out where the balls are after each shot, so you merely tell it which ball yo want to send in to the pocket and it tells you where to aim?


Then I thought, could you use augmented reality and the other camera so it can record your shot and show you what you did wrong... or even detect the cue position before you take the shot and give you directions to line up perfectly... put the ipad on the table opposite where you are standing so you can see the screen as you prepare your shot.


You see all these types of things in mobile games these days but the accuracy seems bad - augmented reality apps tend to shudder around like the position tracking is pretty lousy.


Anyone like to weigh in whether this is likely to be achievable... or which parts are achievable, which parts are likely to be very hard or impossible?

Best tennis game with realistic motion control?

20 February 2014 - 03:50 AM

I've recently gotten into EA's Grand Slam Tennis on the Wii... the graphics are pretty shoddy by modern standards but the Wiimote/MotionPlus controller makes this by far the most realistic experience I've had playing any game.


We have a PS3 and are getting a Move controller (had some vouchers we needed to spend) and I wondered if there are any tennis games with equally good controls, only much better graphics, etc? I don't know anything about the Move system, is it comparable to the Wii's ability to detect orientation as well as position?


I see titles like TopSpin4, Grand Slam 2 and Virtua Tennis 4 but since Move is a niche on PS3, reviews don't really focus on motion control, unlike on Wii games.


So what can you lot tell me? I am really only interested in realistic motion control, I have no interest in pushing buttons or wiggling an analog stick but want to wave my arm around :)

Is story important in games?

20 January 2014 - 04:29 AM

It's going to be genre specific, but I'm interested in what the community think about the importance of a game having a story. I personally don't really care, whether it's an FPS or RTS I just want to play the level rather than go through some (usually trite) backstory.


From a game-making point of view, creating animated cut-scenes is way beyond my means so I'm looking for a way to avoid needing stories, since a wall of text is pretty dull.


I was thinking about that old classic Dune 2, and how the story was virtually non-existent beyond setting the game in the Duneiverse at the start. I like that, but do most game players want to see a story about why you're shooting 4-armed zombies, or what the turban-wearing terrorists have done do deserve being assassinated?