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evolutional.co.uk > On C++ Naming Conventions

Posted 15 July 2014

I threw myself back into the deep end of C++ again a few months ago, having spent the last couple of years with an emphasis on C# and .NET.

One thing that I'm thinking of is the old subject of coding style. Every software house tends to have a house style, so at work you just adopt that - but at home, on personal projects I find myself drifting around st...

evolutional.co.uk > First version of FlatBuffers in .NET

Posted 05 July 2014

I've committed by first alpha version of the FlatBuffers port to .NET to GitHub .

Since my last post, I decided to port the Java version to .NET as straight as I could, which means the use between Java and C# should be similar.

I ported the JavaTest buffer creation code; which looks as follows: var fbb = new FlatBufferBuilder(1); /...

evolutional.co.uk > FlatBuffers in .NET

Posted 24 June 2014

I've been tinkering with Google's new FlatBuffers protocol and have an experimental port of it running in .NET (C#).

FlatBuffers is interesting and there's a couple of other alternatives in the form of ProtoBuf , Cap'n Proto , Simple Binary Encoding (SBE) and, to a lesser extent, JSON , XML and YAML . These protocols all share the same thing in common...

evolutional.co.uk > Porting Accidental Noise Library to .NET

Posted 14 April 2014

I've been inspired by the images that JTippetts ' Accidental Noise Library can generate. However, these days I do very little C++ work so I felt like tinkering with a little project that would help me tip my toe back in this water and also have a bit of fun.

As a result, I decided to have a crack at porting Accidental to .NET. I'm aware that James Petr...

evolutional.co.uk > How Uncle Bob, Fowler & Beck, nCrunch and ReSharper changed my code

Posted 15 January 2014

I've been trying to do Test Driven Development (TDD) for quite some time and struggled. I've always been what I would term a "traditional" coder - write something, debug it in some custom rigged harness to make sure things work as expected, then move on to the next piece of the system and repeat ad infinitum. This style of coding has got me through litera...