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Journal Entries

evolutional.co.uk > Chamois - Fluent Assertion Syntax for C++

Posted 13 September 2014

One library that I love in .NET is Fluent Assertions . It takes assertion syntax in Unit Tests and wraps it up in a natural language syntax. Doing so, we get a nice looking structure for our test that reads like a requirement, rather than a bunch of code.

For example:

Sure, it's nice and tearse for a programmer, but what if it were more fluent?

Or a...

evolutional.co.uk > On C++ Naming Conventions

Posted 15 July 2014

I threw myself back into the deep end of C++ again a few months ago, having spent the last couple of years with an emphasis on C# and .NET.

One thing that I'm thinking of is the old subject of coding style. Every software house tends to have a house style, so at work you just adopt that - but at home, on personal projects I find myself drifting around st...

evolutional.co.uk > First version of FlatBuffers in .NET

Posted 05 July 2014

I've committed by first alpha version of the FlatBuffers port to .NET to GitHub .

Since my last post, I decided to port the Java version to .NET as straight as I could, which means the use between Java and C# should be similar.

I ported the JavaTest buffer creation code; which looks as follows: var fbb = new FlatBufferBuilder(1); /...

evolutional.co.uk > FlatBuffers in .NET

Posted 24 June 2014

I've been tinkering with Google's new FlatBuffers protocol and have an experimental port of it running in .NET (C#).

FlatBuffers is interesting and there's a couple of other alternatives in the form of ProtoBuf , Cap'n Proto , Simple Binary Encoding (SBE) and, to a lesser extent, JSON , XML and YAML . These protocols all share the same thing in common...

evolutional.co.uk > Porting Accidental Noise Library to .NET

Posted 14 April 2014

I've been inspired by the images that JTippetts ' Accidental Noise Library can generate. However, these days I do very little C++ work so I felt like tinkering with a little project that would help me tip my toe back in this water and also have a bit of fun.

As a result, I decided to have a crack at porting Accidental to .NET. I'm aware that James Petr...