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Level-Grind Online > Programming an MMORPG in C# with XNA gets a Co-Aut

Posted 08 June 2009

I'm pleased to announce that the well-known and well-respected developer Jim Perry (aka Machaira) will be joining me in authoring the book and implementing the engine for Level-Grind Online.

For those unfamiliar with Jim he spent 3 years as a programmer in the game industry from 1999 to 2002. Now he primarily writes .NET business applications by day...

Level-Grind Online > Status Update

Posted 18 May 2009

It's been a while since I posted but I wanted to write real quick and reassure people that development is continuing on the Tools & Engine, and that I'm still soliciting concept art, 3D models, sound effects, and music to be used in the book.

I'm currently in the process of relocating to Washington, in addition to finishing up my first XNA 3.1 book. ...

Level-Grind Online > A New Logo

Posted 19 April 2009

For those that haven't seen, Rene has provided artwork for a new logo. I've requested he provide artwork for the entire Le-GO website, so expect to see a new layout and some snazzy new graphics in the coming weeks. Here's his logo design:

(Note: Yeah, I've also added to the Journal Header)

Discuss this news item Here!

Level-Grind Online > First Look at a 3D Render of the Continent

Posted 18 April 2009

Up until this point we've just shown a few 2D world maps of Level-Grind Online, but thanks to community members we've now got our first 3D render of the terrain! Feel free to provide your input!

For the purpose of understanding scale, Level-Grind Online is roughly 1/2 the size of Northrend from World of Warcraft. To run from the western most edge...

Level-Grind Online > List of Required Concept Art & 3D Models

Posted 15 April 2009

Due to popular request and getting a brief moment to do so, I've added the first-draft list of required world objects which we need concept art and 3D models for. If you're either a concept artist or modeler looking to contribute to the book "Programming an MMORPG in C# with XNA" and Level-Grind Online, the best thing to do is see the below list and...