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Keith Riskey

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Cross-Platform API replacement suitable for C# developed game

17 December 2012 - 09:34 PM

I have recently created a game using C#/Managed DX and was considering the possibility of porting to Mono and using some other API to render. It should be possible to replace the "presentation" level of the game while maintaining game logic, as Managed DX is addressed nowhere directly in the game level code.

Playing around with Mono, I've noticed a few pitfalls -- for instance I have a few Windows.Forms things that need to go. But my general feeling is that it should be doable.

I came across Open Tk as my most viable candidate. What do you guys think of this? Advantages and any possible disadvantages?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

Star Bandits (Trade Wars style 2D/3D Online Game)

14 November 2012 - 01:57 PM

Star Bandits

Game Overview

Star Bandits is a persistent-world Science Fiction strategy/RPG game based loosely on the 80's BBS game Trade Wars. In an imaginary, randomized universe you control a single character and spaceship. Your job is to trade, fight, and conquer your way to the top against other online players. Unlike other online games that are massive in scope and indefinite, you may join small, short-term sessions with a beginning, end, and several tiers of winners.

The game is designed for the Windows (Direct3D) platform and is presently being played and tested, as we work on improving production values.

Attached File  sample1.jpg   121.36KB   12 downloads

Attached File  sample2.jpg   88.47KB   13 downloads

Attached File  sample3.png   560.54KB   12 downloads

You can visit this free-to-play game here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.../#!/starbandits. And, if you wish to play, you may sign up to do so with a Windows PC. If you have an questions or would like to participate in the development of this project, you can contact me here.

Animation Controller (MDX)

04 June 2007 - 05:34 AM

Is there a way to set the animation controller to a specific time within the animation? If so, how? I would like a way to do so without necessarily needing to start at time '0'. Thanks.

AnimationController Help (MDX 1.1)

24 May 2007 - 05:46 PM

First time I've tried to load an animated mesh in MDX. Got it working for the most part with AdvanceTime(), like the tutorial... However, I see there's no documentation and I'm a little confused as to how AnimationController works. All I really need to do is set the hierarchy mesh to a particular spot in the animation. For instance, I'd like to set the "Time" property to say 2.0 and put the animation in that spot in time *without* assuming that it has begun from 0.0. There is no Set() version of Time. ResetTime() I see only resets the global counter and does not reset the animation. SetTrackPosition() -- as far as I can tell -- does nothing for me. I wrote a little wrapper to sort of loop it around using only the advancetime() method, but that -- frankly -- sucks. It also loses a bit of precision over time since I mainly work with floats and gets out-of-sync. Any help would be greatly appreciated towards understanding this AnimationController. Thanks. [Edited by - The Frugal Gourmet on May 25, 2007 11:00:48 AM]

Kudos to Binomine

30 March 2006 - 06:56 AM

This thread is a cyber-monument to Binomine who has recently demonstrated himself a Lounge poster of unimpeachable personal integrity. Not only did Binomine recall a spur-of-the-moment wager made some years between him and I on this very message board, but he also reminded me promptly of that wager and his intention to honor it. The wager was an insignificant matter and no more than an act of political braggadocio on each side. However, sure enough I received in due time -- via the neigh-antiquated art of pen and parchment locution – a reimbursement for that wager (the original ante, as it happened, produced legal concerns). Binomine sagely recommended that I covert this reward into cheap booze, and so I shall drink to his health today at the expense of mine.