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Journal Entries

New New Things > Week of Awesome I V - Overdue Post Mortem

Posted 19 August 2016

So now a week has gone by and the dust has settled. 
I had quite a bit feedback, some good, some bad, but one thing stood out: 
The spike collision. The collision box is too big. 
And the worst? I knew it. I felt the same way, but for some reason I always thought it would work out. Well, it didn't :) 
So far everything else was mostly...

New New Things > Week of Awesome I V - Day 7

Posted 14 August 2016

And here's the final journal entry (final before the next). The game is more or less finished! A few last minute points:
* Having the editor worked out nicely as I could build the last two levels in the range of half an hour
* Having the annoying GUI stuff out of the way I could concentrate on getting the last few bits working better
* Having up...

New New Things > Week of Awesome I V - Day 6

Posted 13 August 2016

Due to other real life events I'm out for today, so here's a hurried journal entry. 
I added one more stage and made a preview. Having a preview possible was a good exercise as I discovered two first-time startup bugs. 
I added a preliminary ending for the preview but I still need to figure out a good one for tomorrow. I have an idea, let's hope...

New New Things > Week of Awesome I V - Day 5

Posted 12 August 2016

Finally it starts to feel like a game. It's not particularely challenging, but a little bit of puzzly goodness is hidden inside. Anyhow, today I chose some music (incompetech.com has some really good stuff, provided you credit him properly)
So todays screenshot finally shows something different, my current credits :) Tomorrow I'll see to put a t...

New New Things > Week Of Awesome I V - Day 4

Posted 11 August 2016

Somehow my screen shots all look alike :) 
Added ways to die, change levels, a new device and finally ways to die.
As new graphical feature walls now bring an implicit shadow with them which makes them stand out more. 
Also started on a graphic overhaul. Due to the time limit of 7 days you can actually have a second go on the graphics (unlike Lu...