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#5110672 Unity Engine

Posted by on 19 November 2013 - 09:44 PM

Unity just recently added full 2d support:




When I choose "Build and Run" under Windows Store Apps I can select "D3D11 C++ solution" and get a full solution file that I can pull up and edit in VS 2013, haven't looked at it closely though, could be a completely garbled mess...

#5110317 Visual Studio 2013 C++ and Windows 8.1 Issues

Posted by on 18 November 2013 - 05:03 PM

I don't have a team or a team foundation server...

#5110316 Visual Studio 2013 C++ and Windows 8.1 Issues

Posted by on 18 November 2013 - 05:00 PM

Trying to get some Windows 8.0 Visual Studio 2012 C++ solution files to work on Visual Studio 2013 C++ and Windows 8.1, when I go to open the solution file it says I need to "Retarget your Windows Store app to Windows 8.1"  




okay what the frick, I'll play along... Now I need to open the folder that contains the solution file, okay I finally found the "Source Control Explorer" but it won't let me open anything, it's all greyed out except for the refresh button?? Do I need to sign up for something to use this feature just so I can open my older project? I really hate signing up for stuff, plus it's not even clear what exactly I need to sign up for...


Finding working in Visual Studio 2013 C++ and Windows 8.1 to be pretty frustrating so far...







#5109282 SFML

Posted by on 14 November 2013 - 03:35 PM

Looking into designing a 2D based physics based game for the Windows Surface tablets. Would want my game to look and feel like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope, in terms of nice crisp moving graphics, but my concept is totally different is SFML the best way to go or would you recommend something else? 


Some Questions about SFML:

  1. Have you used SFML, would you please provide your honest feedback on using it?
  2. What if I spend a ton of time using it, then they don't support it anymore am I basically screwed? I guess I'm basically concerned about the future of it.
  3. I don't see how they make revenue from SFML as it appears free? What's keeping it from collapsing or not being maintained
  4. Will games programmed in SFML work with on Windows RT?
  5. SFML vs. GDI+? Seems like GDI+ is harder, but I already know GDI well, and seems like GDI+ has a solid future, would it make more sense for me to stick with GDI+?
  6. Not SFML question but I’ll ask here anyways, I know Poser already, what other program(s) are generally used to make nice smooth looking graphics like  in Angry Birds or Cut the Rope or is this really just the artist being great and using any program?
  7. Does SFML support touch screen? Can it be encorporated?





#5105456 GDI Graphics

Posted by on 29 October 2013 - 01:27 PM

GDI is certainly an option. The API is mature and has aged well since it was introduced thirty years ago.

With the latest few rounds of Windows some features have lost hardware acceleration. If you happen to be throwing around tens of thousands of sprites at once (which is NOT recommended, keep that number to a few hundred at most) then GDI may have some CPU-bound performance concerns.

GDI was semi-replaced by GDI+ a decade ago. Microsoft would prefer if you don't use the original GDI any more but there is so much legacy code that they cannot drop support for it. GDI+ has many features like transparency, antialiasing, and more modern compressed image formats.

There are many newer technologies available that offer newer features and are easier to use. For example, if you are working only with GDI you will likely find yourself spending untold hours manipulating images at a low level, decoding graphics files, working with bitmap parameters, and doing lower-level bit-twiddling that could have been avoided by using newer systems that operate at a higher level.

If you are using C# or managed C++ you will likely discover that the .net framework's graphics libraries are extremely easy to use. They use GDI+ internally and also add a large collection of additional utility features.

Another option, the one that Microsoft currently recommends, is to use Direct2D for advanced 2D graphics. It was part of the DirectX suite, earlier called DirectDraw. Most 3D games rely on its components as 'surfaces', giving things like a Direct Draw Surface and the various DDS image file formats. Some nice things about Direct2D are that is is hardware accelerated through the DirectX drivers, and that it manages to work well with GDI, GDI+, WDM, and various other Windows rendering systems. You can mix and match a surface with a GDI device context with very little transition code.

As for your desire to not ship with DirectX redistributables, that is not really an issue any more. DirectX is no longer an independent component, it has been integrated into the Windows SDK. DirectX 10 was part of Vista. DirectX 11was part of Windows 7 and Vista SP2, DirectX 11.1 was part of Windows 8. DirectX 11.2 is part of Windows 8.1. Microsoft announced years ago that they will not back-port new versions of DirectX to old versions of Windows. It is now just another part of the operating system, not a separate component.


Thanks a lot frob, that's really good info, much appreciated...

#5001438 Naming a Game

Posted by on 15 November 2012 - 10:23 PM

I Would like to name my game "Dagorath", which I will be selling, it's a small fantasy strategy game.

The only thing I can find in Google related to this name is:

"The Dagor Dagorath (Sindarin for Battle of Battles) is a fictional battle described in the legendarium of J. R. R. Tolkien"

I had no clue about this, I just like the name Dagorath, am infringing on anything here or doing anything that could be construed as unlawful? In other words is there any chance I could be sued?

My game has fantasy characters in it but none from LOTR's except maybe a dragon, it's got a bunch of other fantasy characters I have made up but in no way resembles LOTR...




ps. I guess if I really had to I could name it Dagoreth or Dagorith, but I really do prefer Dagorath for some reason...

#4624992 Audiere Help please

Posted by on 26 March 2010 - 06:09 PM

okay i see the problem, nvm...