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Inane Ravings of a Mad Engineer > Counting LEDs like Sheep

Posted 18 May 2010

Yea! I finally found the tutorial on how to use Xilinx's ISE program to turn VHDL into bitfiles that can run on the avnet Spartan 3A Evaluation Kit . I followed the included tutorial that sets up a counter and sets the LEDs to display the top bits of the count, except I made some simple changes to make sure I understood everything. The only...

Inane Ravings of a Mad Engineer > c is faster

Posted 01 May 2010

Lately, work has been satisfying my software development drive, so I've started getting back into another hobby - electronics. I dug out an old 'lots of projects in 1' kit from my closet and sent out a few orders to various places (primarily mouser, amazon, and ebay) to start creating a full kit to work from.

After receiving the first few things I ordered,...

Inane Ravings of a Mad Engineer > Numbers and Words

Posted 07 September 2009

I had my 0th wedding anniversary yesterday (September 6th, 2009).

Inane Ravings of a Mad Engineer > Things Leading

Posted 25 June 2009

Life is good, but busy. The new job is working out great. Working on interesting, challenging problems is much better than tedium.

On June 8, 2008, I met an amazing woman and spent over 4 hours enjoying conversation with her over lunch. On June 18, 2009, I presented her with a ring, and she accepted it. On September 6, 2009, she becomes my...

Inane Ravings of a Mad Engineer > Forward the Foundation

Posted 26 February 2009

Near the end of last year, I found out that my employer was closing the branch I was working in, and that I could continue on until the office was actually closed in December. After we (the employees of the closing branch) found out, we made an argument for a later date that coincided with a contract deadline, and it was accepted by management. The...