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In Topic: Optimization in C#, code too slow and help with translation

13 November 2014 - 02:49 PM

The sort alogr.looks like some sort of block sort algorithm, manipulates 2 arrays, the order and dist arrays. As for why the C# is running so slow, u need to use a profiler to determine that.

In Topic: Scripted text (dialogues, descriptions, etc.), where would you put it?

18 May 2014 - 11:39 PM

Most games ive worked on the text is embedded in the scripts but in the form of a code tag which references an external data table which load the text on demand, so both is correct to some extent. If your writing a game you don't want to go crazy and make the entire dialog system completely data driven (unless that's your plan), that's usually a bad fit. The logic which triggers these dialog and what dialog options available are encoded in the scripts, the only thing is the raw text itself it not hard coded into the scripts rather they are held in a giant dialog table externally usually in some spreadsheet form. You can also embedded other information with the dialog text which u can extract as well, such as wild card and the like etc..

In Topic: The next Unreal Tournament is going to be a free, open-source game made in UE...

08 May 2014 - 02:58 PM

If you were ever interested in how these big AAA engines worked its well worth it to subscribe for 1 month just to get access to that. There isn't a minimum commitment like Unity so u can cancel at anytime i beleive.

In Topic: What music did you recently discover?

07 May 2014 - 08:25 PM

I enjoyed this video 



epic music at its best, synced with movies and games.

In Topic: Peer to peer file system for Metaverse scale MMO

07 May 2014 - 12:23 PM


I suggest usurping the block chain protocol from bitCoin and stuffing your tranactional information in there somehow which you can use to rebuild your procedural world. That way you offload the largest obstacle, secure transactional integrity. 






it's nearly 18,000 MB now, if you can figure out a way to cleverly link the transcational data of bitCoin to your procedural world... 

While that's not a terrible idea, it could cause some problems. The data for sectors could grow exponentially and cause users' computers to crash as they enter a sector. To me it would seem better that if someone creates a situation where it could crash computers then the computers that crash would stop transmitting that data to peers. This would create a form of natural selection which will weed out bad data.



We'll if you're expecting exponential data growth i don't know of any data strategy which will work, however I still think u can piggy back on bitCoin blockchain backend. There are more than enough bits to play around with and by its very nature bitCoin has to store and accept all those transactions securely and forever. I think if you are intent on making a "universe" it has to be procedural for the most part and for that you'll be exchanging computational complexity for data. You will have to create some sort of procedural language from which the world is built and modified, these 'atoms'. 


There is several strategies i can see, store the world in a series of complete stateful snapshots or store the steps in making the world, or a mix of both. By offloading the transactional atoms to create the world you can then just worry about storing the snapshots. These can be stored on a distributed p2p file system and can even be lossy. The thing is the atoms don't need to operate upon perfect data, they will operate upon any data even incomplete ones. The idea isn't to have a 100% perfect world rather one which is consistent and consensual among the peers. Who is to say that mountain in the middle of the desert ever existed if no one stored the necessary bits to re-created it, when everyone agrees now it's a flat river bed? I think you'll have to consider the world more mutable and dynamic, a living thing and build accordingly.


Good Luck!