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Erik Rufelt

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In Topic: frac(x) results in strange artifacts when x is close to zero

Today, 09:03 AM

You'll have a discontinuity at the edge, where the texture coord hops from 0.999 to 0.001.. so it could be that when mipmaps are enabled the graphics card thinks that you're trying to draw the entire texture with minification so it fits in between those two pixels at the edge, which will cause it to always choose the smallest mip-level.

Such usage is probably better without mip-maps... or just skip the frac(), as it shouldn't be needed, you can just rely on repeating wrap mode for textures.

In Topic: Strange texture flickering/repositioning problem

Yesterday, 06:20 PM

Looks like that row of tiles that's missing has been moved up two tiles.


Strange.. could be just a driver problem, but try glVertexAttribIPointer and use actual integer data, and write your shader code so there are no conversions from floats to integers. If it's still strange try to redesign so you don't use integers at all. It looks like that card is pretty old, and probably driver-updates don't address it anymore.

In Topic: Fear of replacement

Yesterday, 04:34 PM

Should I tomorrow correct that senior guy about the term ray casting that I was true in-front of everyone and clear up my image :/ ?


No, why in the world would you do something like that?

That actually might get you fired, or at the very least make people think badly of you, and would probably even make some idiot cause more problems just to see what you will do.


I mean think about how that will sound: "Last week you were an idiot to me for making me look bad, look here I was right!!!  Everyone look I was right!!". What would you think if someone else did that?

Being wrong isn't even that bad... if you can choose between people thinking you were wrong even though you were right, and people knowing you are right but thinking you care that much about it... just let them think you were wrong, it's better for you.


Smile and never say a thing and keep doing good work, and find your next job ASAP and try your luck elsewhere. And when you quit, still smile and thank everyone for a good time.


Also, you don't really seem to like it where you are... maybe try to go where you're happy and like people.

In Topic: [Solved] Segfault in DrawElements; I cannot find the problem

Yesterday, 07:12 AM

In general you have to set a minimum GL version, say for example you select GL 3.3 as your minimum platform, and then you can check the specification for what is supported for that version.

Then you can use glGet to get some implementation-defined limits if you want to use something that isn't guaranteed to be supported, like glGetIntegerv(GL_MAX_VERTEX_ATTRIBS, &number) to find out how many vertex attribs you can send to your shader. However, the reference page says that the minimum required is 16, so you only have to bother when using more than that.





The 4.5 specification has a table for vertex attrib support it appears, if you click the glVertexAttrib* in the menu and scroll to the bottom of the page.

In Topic: [Solved] Segfault in DrawElements; I cannot find the problem

Yesterday, 06:40 AM

Are you sure the GL_DOUBLE vertex format is supported by your GL driver?