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On the path with a ramblin' man > AWOL Update

Posted 28 June 2009

afternoon all!
Writing this from my Nokia 5800 mobile internet so apologies in advance for any typos or bad formatting.
Mobile internet has certainly improved since I worked in the field (`06-`07) but i'm not yet convinced its quite there yet. I still get the occasional urge to throw said mobile out the window [smile]
Anyway, my PC is still broke and I...

On the path with a ramblin' man > Windows 7

Posted 19 June 2009

Well, I sort of have a PC working again.

Saturday last week my machine was working absolutely fine. Sunday morning and the boot disk apparently failed and the machine wouldn't even boot. Great.

I'd previously tried dual-booting Windows 7 on this machine (it's Vista x64 normally) and it wasn't happy at all. Then a week or two later the whole machine...

On the path with a ramblin' man > SlimDX11 and stuff

Posted 08 June 2009

Evening all,

Been quite busy lately hence the recent drought of journal updates. Not entirely sure where the time has been going, but I hope to get back on the case soon! Although, what with the RMT paralysing London for the next 3-4 days I doubt this week will be any more than a total write off (which I think is totally unreasonable on their...

On the path with a ramblin' man > Windows 7

Posted 25 May 2009


Cleared out a spare partition and installed the Windows 7 Release Candidate. Took 90 minutes before I saw the desktop which wasn't impressive given Vista takes all of 30 minutes to do the same.

But that's nothing compared to the fact that it's almost totally unresponsive once it gets to the desktop. Even trying to get task manager and My...

On the path with a ramblin' man > Another stab at Manged DirectX?!

Posted 20 May 2009

Was just reading the private MVP newsgroups and ZMan posted a link to a Win7 developer blog: Windows 7 Managed Code APIs.

I must admit I've not looked into it in much detail, but Andy flagged up the "Support for Direct3D 11.0 and DXGI 1.0/1.1 APIs" comment near the top. I get the impression its not "MDX 3.0" or any sort of official successor to the now...