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Journal Entries

zdlr's game development journal > Finally made it!

Posted 22 May 2007

So, after years of starting projects and never getting the time to finish them, I have broken in to the games industry.

I'm currently a programmer on the logic team at Beautiful Game Studios / Eidos in London. It combines my two favourite things - football and programming. I dunno how I've managed to get where I am, but I have and it is awesome.

zdlr's game development journal > BSP Rendering!

Posted 08 October 2006

Finally, I've got something to show for my Quake 3 BSP renderer. This is in no way optimised (I'm simply throwing the entire face list at the gfx card), but it is definitely progress.

As you can see, although it is textured, the sky box isn't. Also, the gaps are due to not rendering bezier splines yet - I haven't written any tessellation code yet. It...

zdlr's game development journal > Slow progress is still progress...

Posted 17 September 2006

It's been a slow week for working on my engine. I've loads on at work so I've not managed to do much. I did get my GUI ported to immediate mode (all three widgets) and implemented a trie structure. This is used to store all the configuration settings and allows me to type into the console and get out a list of commands which match the entered...

zdlr's game development journal > My first entry

Posted 08 September 2006

So, I'm writing a 3D engine for which I hope to make some demos and maybe even a simple game. This is all in the hope that I can score a job in the games industry. Currently, I'm a Business Applications Developer at Kuju Entertainment in Surrey, England. It's a foot in the door and plays up to my previous experience but I'm hoping to make the transition to...

zdlr's game development journal > Bah

Posted 02 October 2004

Work has eaten my time this past week. I found some old code from a past (failed, shock horror) game project. It was in C and I thought I could thieve/reuse most of it as a base for Space Invaders (after porting it to C# of course [smile]).

I had a look through and I remembered doing something pretty interesting that helped me with a problem that I don't...