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Journal of adventuredesign > Breakthrough in people games

Posted 04 April 2007

Hi all;

Been awhile since I posted. Been working on some video and some standup here in Mill Valley.

Wanted to report I have been working on a 'people game' for a few years where the state of play was related to the society you locally lived in and the area within which you went daily.

It's finally occurred to me how to mesh my game...

Journal of adventuredesign > Working on the UI

Posted 04 July 2005

After finishing up this last interview article with Marc Jackson, I finally got some time to focus on design. One of the next articles/subjects I was thinking of tackling next is perspectives on Raph Koster's discussion about a game design process description system inspired.

So I went about to work on my own, and game up with an...

Journal of adventuredesign > The Purpose Of Power

Posted 08 June 2005

In player advancement and player/character/avatar growth in many games, the designer often allows greater and greater power to be accrued by the player, which inevitably, they will have to use (oftentimes) right around the next corner or at the end of the level with the superboss.

I realize this kind of immediate payoff is a great takeaway value for the...

Journal of adventuredesign > Strategy Guides

Posted 02 June 2005

I was working on my adventuregame last week, and after overcoming some large design hurdles, many of which I have chronicled here, I was able to come up with the cover art for my strategy guide.

Most of you may not be thinking about your strategy guide yet, as this aspect of project development is far, far down the line for most of you. I however,...

Journal of adventuredesign > Present and Forthcoming

Posted 17 March 2005

Hello Everyone;

Just got an long article on the Game Connection up for you to peruse and benefit from. Since pitching entertainment products is subjective, it's rather long, but there is an interview in the coverage with Caspar Gray, Acquisitions Associate with CSI game (remember 'Carmageddon'?) with several good tips for meeting, pitching and follow...