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In Topic: Soccer simulator

Yesterday, 04:54 PM

You should think up some rules for who takes the shot, then try them out and refine them based on whether or not the game feels good.

If weighted random feels fun and plays well, then stick with that. Only bother with more complicated solutions if you really need them.

Some basic play-testing should reveal weaknesses in whatever approach you have, and from there you can work to address those issues specifically. Specificity is good because it's very hard to design a solution to a vague problem.

In Topic: How would you implement/model a dialog generator/machine?

Yesterday, 03:40 PM

Fundamentally you need three things:

- A gigantic pool of pre-written dialogue to choose from
- A system in the game for asking to play dialogue at appropriate times (i.e. "it's a good time to say something about X!")
- A set of rules for suppressing dialogue when it is inappropriate

There are many options for doing this. One is to organize your dialogue lines into groups and sort them by "most generic" to "most specific." For example:

1. "Wow!"
2. "Look at that!"
3. "Check out that area!"
4. "Let's see what's in that cave!"
5. "Careful, that's the pirate cave!"

Then you add more tags to each line to describe when the line is useful to say:

1. [interesting]
2. [interesting] [visible]
3. [interesting] [visible] [location]
4. [interesting] [visible] [location] [cave]
5. [interesting] [visible] [location] [cave] [pirates]

Now all you have to do is have game rules trigger dialogue. A dead-simple example would be to fire a line when you enter a radius of a tagged area or object.

So if you enter a radius and there's two tagged objects, one that's a pirate cave and one that's just a parrot.

Search the dialogue database for the most specific thing you can comment on, based on how many tags it matches from the objects.

The parrot will be ignored, and the pirate cave (which matches many tags) will be remarked upon.

Last but not least, you need things like cooldowns per line (e.g. don't say this more than once, or more than once every 5 minutes, or whatever).

You also need things like "inappropriate situation" tags so you can set up idle dialogue not to play in the middle of combat, for example.

In Topic: Seriously weird bug in opencl

Yesterday, 01:52 PM

Please do not remove your own posts, it's rude.

Instead, prefer to answer your thread with an explanation of what you learned, so that future visitors can also benefit.

In Topic: Estimating development time

Yesterday, 11:43 AM

My inner cynic says that if you can find a reliable formula for estimation of arbitrary software development tasks, you will be not only rich but immortally famous.

In Topic: Visual Studio Hardware Requirements Seem Lower

Yesterday, 11:42 AM

What's your budget? I can't promise but I'd be willing to bet that someone here could put together a better machine for the dollar.