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DudeMiester Speaks! > Over a Decade on GameDev.net! Wow!

Posted 11 January 2013

I came back to this site on a whim recently. In fact, I had forgotten this blog even existed. I don't come here often anymore, because I've been quite busy as of late.Still, GDNet has a special place. It's where I first learned about matrices, for example. Without it, I may never of had the interest to pursue my undergraduate degree, and study math/physic...

DudeMiester Speaks! > Improved the Photon Mapping

Posted 24 January 2010


DudeMiester Speaks! > OpenCL

Posted 24 December 2009


DudeMiester Speaks! > Going Ons in Education

Posted 03 November 2009


DudeMiester Speaks! > Technical Books

Posted 08 July 2009