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Journal Entries

Journal > Observation 4

Posted 10 March 2009

both the rate of growth and volatility of a thread (the probability that a thread topic will diverge and the rate of divergance) are directly proportional to its religiousity coefficient.

Journal > Google Notebook gone :(

Posted 26 January 2009

Im not sure if it is a sign of the times (Microsoft layoffs & 2/3 loss in share price, Suns losing 98% of share price value etc) or just a coincidence but I'm pretty sure the job sections part of the site used to be alot busier.

In other news Google seems to be taking alot of heat and has increased ads, killed its least successful experiments like Google...

Journal > C# Functional Programming

Posted 22 December 2008

There is a screenie of the app at work

its proving fairly useful to me thus far. If I am further motivated in this direction I may add functionality to more easily track comments in other peoples journals since checking if the journal author has responded to your comment can get a bit bothersome if you have posted in multiple journals. Meh, maybe the new...

Journal > Journal Comment Eater

Posted 20 December 2008

I found some free time hiding beneath my bed so I spent some 3 and a half hours making a little application which sits in your taskbar and tells you if you got new comments in your game dev journal. It was fun, Linq is my favourite part of the otherwise mediocre C#. It does this by html scraping the respective page. Every 20 minutes it checks if there...

Journal > RAE 2008 + Random

Posted 19 December 2008

If (You are in the UK) And (Are Interested in Attending Graduate School Or (Are In Graduate School And are Interested in seeing how your School 'ranks' in your respective area of study) Then you may wish to check out the Reaserch Assesment Excersice 2008 results.

The goal of the exercise is to measure the quality of research output of universities across...