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#5275652 Getting started with Unreal Engine or something else?

Posted by on 14 February 2016 - 01:48 PM

Good luck Raand. It looks like you have chosen a path so give it a whirl and see how it turns out. I just wanted to add in my thoughts to echo what someone else said above. It sounds to me that you are looking for something simple and easy to deliver small games potentially to a mobility audience. If that is the case I urge you to look at Unity. Amazing engine, simple scripting and great and powerful UI. It's cross platform with it's own compiler and allows you to do C++ right in the engine.


Just a thought. Take a look at it but either way good luck to you.

#5275651 I want to learn all about game development on Unreal Engine 4 ?

Posted by on 14 February 2016 - 01:42 PM


I am really really like your comment thank you, i have question you are a project manager as i see under your comment and you make games ?



Haha well thank you for the vote of confidence in thinking I make games ;) I spend a tremendous amount of time developing and designing games but my paying job right now takes up 80% of my free time. I do go through the game development lifecycle fairly regularly I've got it fairly well documented now:


1) Great idea

2) High level design logic and architecture

3) Plan for monetization of end product

4) (And here is where it all goes South) Business case and RoI analysis on monetization vs level of effort and investment required to achieve release

5) Develop game


That being said I do recommend if you love game development always have something on the go. Work on someone else's project or simply set a goal for your self to grab a new tool and make it do things.


In my actual job I do multi-million dollar IT project work so managing deliverables and architecting game design solutions are actually becoming easier and I enjoy the hell out of it. I guess it's kind of like a sickness but like I said before if it's what you love then follow your dreams and keep working at it.


I had the privilege to speak to John De Margheriti a few years back about Aakrana when I was actively developing it. John has been the CEO of several major gaming companies and most recently known for his companies development and release of the Big World engine. (Before he sold the company.) John is a very inspirational speaker and we spoke on the phone for almost an hour at one point. One thing he said that really rang true for me. If you love doing something make the time for it. Learn about it. Develop your skills in an area that you can apply yourself to. The financial rewards will come but most importantly your happiness in what you are doing will pay off in it's own way. John is a great guy. If you ever get a chance to hear him speak at a conference do it. Amazing personality and talented leader.


Good luck Otaku.

#5275637 I want to learn all about game development on Unreal Engine 4 ?

Posted by on 14 February 2016 - 11:41 AM

UE4 is an amazing engine. The fact that it is free makes it easy to start learning. The answers you are getting here though are very true. Developing a game takes a tremendous amount of skills. The days of a coder and a graphix guy hammer out an amazing RPG or 3D game are long behind us. That being said.. It truely depends on your goals. Now if you want to start learning game development my strong recommendation is to grab a mobility development API. Something like Unity, also free, and tons of tutorials with a massive community. In Unity make a simple project (Myself I took one of the tutorials and just kept adding to it as I learned new things) and use that to develop your scripting skills and novice C++ skills. 


It's great to see you not disheartened by the feedback. People are just being honest. Starting with a massive game engine like UE4 as a blossoming new game dev talent could lead you down a path of discouragement and disappointment. I have been doing game dev work since... well pre-2000. I have worked on pretty much every major engine out there and my work inside the indie game dev community has been so rewarding. I had the opportunity to work (unpaid just to be clear) with some triple A MMO devs as they were working through their games and it has been so rewarding.  That is 16 years of amateur game development in a nutshell for me :) I have not released any commercial games. I have a few projects on the go at any given time. I have a corporation (registered with financials and everything omg!) and haven't seen a penny from game development. That being said, the journey you go on is up to you to find the rewards in.


You are doing the right thing. Ask questions, read but most importantly, do something. I have offered this advice to hundreds of people and I leave it with you as my closing remark...


"The difference between indie game developers who make it work and those who don't is 99% effort". Don't wait for someone to hand you a free MMO that you can release :) Any game is going to take hard work, money, and a whole lot of learning and compromise.


Good luck my friend!