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[web] Need feedback re:Pros/Cons of PHP/Post NUKE

27 November 2006 - 12:02 PM

As the subject says I'm trying to decide on which of these to go with. Currently my site is handbombed in .PHP .CGI and .HTML and .SHTML Site is http://www.aakrana.com I can code HTML and stuff by hand fairly easily so the actual look of the NUKE templates arent a concern I will have my way with them when Im done ;) I'm more concerned with security and performance. Things I am looking for: - a random screenshot section on the front page - a more updated navigation menu - a better news script - a news archive - a gallery thats viewable but allows dev accounts to upload - an upload section mod for files - a profile mod for developers to put up info and links about themselves - security (dont want to be introducing buggy and vulnerable holes to the site) Thank you in advance for your feedback and suggestions.