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Raptor's Den > Hmmm...(pt2)

Posted 03 November 2010

I have absolutely no idea where I was going with this. I got canvas working, wrote some code..heck, even made a working level editor. (http://www.midnightf...tml5/worldedit/)

No ideas though...not one :/

Oh well, if i get bored I could always draw random plots of grass and dirt. For now though, project scrapped (like so many others). Time...

Raptor's Den > it works :)

Posted 31 October 2010

getting a hang of canvas finally, not much here but it does work (I'll post it up live once it's done, for now just screenshots)

Canvas based editor.

Had to use a bit of php trickery and hidden fields to get the save and load working, but they work. Can't really tell from the image but it accepts keyboard input as well, I'm not using static...

Raptor's Den > killed firefox again...

Posted 30 October 2010

evidently redrawing a few thousand things at an attempted 60 fps is a bad idea currently.

Been kinda testing my limits while working on an editor. (figured If I'm going to make games in html5 + canvas...might as well make a level editor in html5 + canvas as well :) )

It's coming along nicely, I have to say the new html5 stuff is fairly powerful, you...

Raptor's Den > hmm....

Posted 30 October 2010

Evidently if you don't update in a very long time you're a new journal again :)

...anyways...dunno what I'm planning to do with my old sidescroller code, maybe nothing, but for now I've been playing around with some html5 canvas stuff. Probably going to submit something at least for mozilla lab's "Game On" competition...

Raptor's Den > why not...

Posted 25 October 2010

You know...I pay for this thing, might as well use it.

Started dusting off some old code I haven't touched in years and cleaning it up a bit, not sure what I'm going to do with it yet but I can only write business software for so many months straight without going further insane. Anyways pretty much tore out all my input and entity code from my old...