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Andreas Jonsson

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In Topic: Preprocessing Callback for Script Builder [PATCH]

Today, 11:10 AM

Hi gjl,


I only got the time to look into this now. 


Let me try to understand better what the purpose of this preprocessor callback is. 


From the code changes in the patch I gather that you are using it to collect all the script files before they are sent to the script compiler, so that instead of compiling the script you do something else with it. But you're otherwise not using it to modify the processing in the builder.


It doesn't really look like something that would be best solved with a callback. Wouldn't it be better to just have a flag in the builder to tell it to store the script content rather than compile it, so that the application can then get this content after the preprocessing has finished through some get calls? I can see that being useful for debugging the preprocessing step, or in your case, to store the preprocessed files as a single file.

In Topic: Compiling angelscript on ppc64

Today, 10:42 AM

I've checked in the patches in revision 2338.

In Topic: Possible Bug In Asrun Example

Today, 10:19 AM

I've fixed this in revision 2336

In Topic: Asitypeinfo::getmethodbydecl() Returns Null For Method With Handle Argument

Today, 10:09 AM

Don't feel bad about asking questions :)


GetMethodByDecl should be done without the class method name, i.e. instead of "void Player::foobar(Foo@)" it should be "void foobar(Foo@)".


You can pass false as argument to GetDeclaration to get the function declaration without the object name.

In Topic: Delayed Calls

Yesterday, 01:45 PM

Yes, it is possible and support for variadics is already on my to-do list, but currently not prioritized.