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In Topic: Quick Select menu for previously fought against enemies

27 July 2015 - 10:33 AM

And what do you think about it?
I think it's cool. Considering those enemies would keep popping over for example when back-tracking to already explored areas I'd say that would be very convenient.


Back when I was playing pen-and-paper RPGs with friends there was a whole class dedicated to providing 'knowledge benefits' but they were pretty much different in nature: bonus on hit, magic resist or... perhaps armor?


Note those were pretty much orthogonal to the tactical issues noted above. 

In Topic: To use mana or not? (that is the question)

27 July 2015 - 01:39 AM

Working without mana is viable.

Oldschool pen-and-pencil RPGs had you select your spells every RPG-day. You're given 'slots', you allocate them, you consume them, you're done.

More recently, you were allowed to select them on the fly.

I'm not up do date with the most recent advancements. Nonetheless, requiring to go back to town seems an immensely slow mechanic. Unless magic is extremely powerful OR you give many more slots OR you want to nerf magic on purpose, that seems to reduce casting effectiveness quite a lot.

In Topic: steam hardware survey

27 July 2015 - 01:32 AM

As a side note Norman, you might be interested in comparing installed base to unity.

Note for the time being Steam reports the most common video card is NV GTX 970 (3.54%), while 750 is less common (2.56%). Considering the 970 can easily be 300 bucks I'm inclined to assert steam samples mostly core gamers demographics (which is known to to). It could be debated whatever this is the best for you.

In Topic: Advanced font/text rendering options

16 July 2015 - 06:55 AM

Have you considered OS-specific APIs?

In the past, I have used Windows Uniscribe for positioning while I rendered the glyphs using blinn-loop beziers. It was surprisingly effective.

Honestly, I could not tell if HarfBuzz was a real thing at the time. Everything with an open source background is usually an hell of dependency, the idea of having Pango in my dependency list gives me the shrivels. 

In Topic: How many of you write self-documenting code?

09 July 2015 - 07:01 AM

The idea you propose - writing fully descriptive names - is only a small part of the picture. I find sum_of_integers_raised_to_a_power particularly pedantic.

I focus mostly on isolating small functions which are descriptive by themselves and suggest by themselves an order of call.

This is not always possible; mostly because of time/effort constraints. Sometimes, it just isn't worth it.


Using single-letter identifiers is universally considered bad but for a two-liners it might be acceptable.