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In Topic: Introduction is in order...

Today, 06:42 PM

Welcome! :)

In Topic: Logging in logs me out elsewhere

Today, 06:40 PM

Hrm, that's very annoying, that doesn't happen to me... I'm always logged in from both my phone and laptop and sometimes other devices as well and have never had problems with being logged out.

Are you just using the basic login, or Facebook or Twitter connect?

What browsers and operating systems are you using?

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

In Topic: Marketing a game?!

Today, 02:29 AM

Try Pixel Prospector's Marketing Guide For Game Developers for some ideas. :)

In Topic: Mobile Arcade

18 December 2014 - 02:37 AM

Could you post some example code?

There's sample code (along with diagrams and detailed explanations of the API) in the PayPal developer page frob linked to in the first reply.  Anything beyond that is really specific to the website in question.


If you have specific questions about the API I'm sure we could help, but if you just want to see generic example code you really need to look at the documentation you've already been linked to.

In Topic: stupid tag descriptions

16 December 2014 - 03:22 AM

The idea was to provide some sort of basic default description, and unfortunately it hasn't worked well for a lot of the tags.


They're basically a wiki system though, and you should be able to edit the descriptions if you come across a dodgy or missing default: when looking at one of the "tag card" popups click into the "info" section to view the full description, and there should be a green "improve this tag" link that will take you to the editor.



I'm not sure if the system was designed with an easy way to remove the default descriptions from existing tags, but we might be able to do something about newly created tags.  Any suggestions for an alternate (obviously legal) source for default descriptions that might provide better data?  ...alternatively, do you think we would be better off simply having no default at all?