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In Topic: the survey

Today, 02:20 AM

I'm not sure what you're remembering or if you may have misinterpreted something, but it has always been the official position of the site that we would be interested in participating again.


When we ran the previous survey the site was actually in trouble financially and wouldn't be here today otherwise.  Since then we've been working to improve things, but still aren't where we really need to be to ensure long-term survival.  These sponsored surveys are an excellent way of boosting the site's income with minimal hassle to our members, and we would much rather run them when the opportunity arises than have to try plastering more ads around the site (hell, ideally we'd love to have a lot less!) or other more intrusive methods.



Due to the urgency of the situation with the first survey we did make use of a full-screen interstitial directing members to the survey, and that's something we do want to avoid unless absolutely necessary.



If you have any specific feedback about things we could do to make any future surveys less intrusive (remembering that they do need to be highly visible to do us any good!) or more palatable for you please do speak up though -- unfortunately we have limited control over the surveys themselves, but we can at least take on board anything that might be possible from our end, and pass on feedback to the company who runs the surveys.

In Topic: Has anyone sold a game through gamedev.net top banner Ads?

Yesterday, 05:03 AM

Yep, that promotion is GDNet+ only -- the intent was to thank our paid subscribers and hopefully encourage some more subscriptions rather than everyone just gaining the benefits for free via Crossbones -- as a GDNet+ benefit it's also available to new members without having to gain 1,000 rep first.


Any member with an active GDNet+ subscription can place a leaderboard ad at no additional cost, which will remain in circulation for 50,000 impressions.  Higher rep members (I'm afraid I'm not sure of the exact threshold) can place a second ad at the same time, while anyone else uploading a new ad will have it replace the first one.


Taking a random selection of the currently active ads we have the following figures:


31,462 impressions, 36 clicks

23,072 impressions, 38 clicks

21,726 impressions, 61 clicks

6567 impressions, 15 clicks


The highest number of clicks achieved was 1824, while the lowest was 5 (for a duplicated ad).  I obviously can't tell you if those clicks resulted in sales, downloads, or whatever the members in question were hoping for, but at $5 for a month of membership (less for a crossbones member) it's pretty cheap to give it a go.



The ads with the best results are for developer resources rather than games, although a couple of games have made it into the triple digits of clicks.



We also have other ad units and the possibility of advertising in our email newsletter, which are not available through the above promotion -- if you'd like details on those shoot off an email to sales@gamedev.net and someone can help you out.



Hope that helps! :)

In Topic: Multiple journals, only first has views listed

22 August 2015 - 02:59 AM

Thanks for the reports, I'll pass on the info to Mike.

In Topic: Different physical attributes for dragons

18 August 2015 - 09:11 PM

How important is it for the game play that the player be able to easily tell dragons apart?

The more important it is to be able to tell them apart (or more difficulty that will be caused by NOT being able to tell them apart) the more important it is to make them visually distinct.

In Topic: ugh silly title bar!

18 August 2015 - 08:36 AM

It was renamed from "breaking in" to "job advice" at some point because people were being confused by the name... they must have missed the menu link when that update was made.


I'll have a poke around sometime and see if I can figure out how to alter the menu. :)