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#5235967 Do you comment Above or Below your code?

Posted by on 20 June 2015 - 10:27 PM

As with the above two posters, a short comment about an individual line goes alongside, and larger comments go above.


It's extremely uncommon to find comments below a section of code, and if I came across such a thing it would probably take me a moment to figure out exactly what was going on.  You shouldn't go against common conventions without a very good reason for doing so.



I haven't voted in your poll because it wasn't really possible to express both above and alongside but not below.

#5235944 Tiny Serialization Library

Posted by on 20 June 2015 - 06:56 PM

Well... there is a trick to avoid most of the work...

Any chance you care to expand on that so that EDI and others might benefit?

#5235432 Beginner in programming and game development!

Posted by on 18 June 2015 - 03:58 AM

but isn't unity for designers??
I don't know ,but should a programmer  use unity??

Unity is for people who want to finish games.  Unless you're using a third-party add-on for visual scripting you still need to program to make games with Unity, so it's absolutely fine.


If you're looking for alternatives you might also try using Unreal Engine.



If you want to experience lower level programming go right ahead and use a library such as MonoGame, SFML, SDL, etc., but there's no reason not to continue using Unity if you're doing well with it so far.



Especially given you mention not getting into "hardcore development" I think just continuing to make games is probably the best option for you.

#5234254 Writing a contract - ensuring everybody's interest.

Posted by on 11 June 2015 - 04:57 AM

You could give do contract() a go -- it's a free service that allows you to generate a plain language (i.e. not legalese) contract by selecting options and filling blanks.  I wouldn't call it "bullet proof", but it's a fairly well respected service created by a group of experienced developers with the help of industry lawyers.



There are also a couple of links to recommended lawyers for the industry in the faq towards the bottom if you'd rather hire someone -- which would likely still be advisable to check over your agreement even if you do decide to use contract().

#5232528 2d game - aerial view or view from angle

Posted by on 03 June 2015 - 12:03 AM

Consider the gameplay ramifications of your choice as well: in a typical tower defence game accurate tower placement is one of the most important things, and you want to make this easy for the player to do correctly so that their losses will be based on poor strategy rather than accidentally misplacing towers.

Accurately judging position on a grid is generally easier with a top-down view, especially if the grid is not explicitly shown.

Combined with the ease of asset production, I think top-down probably makes more sense unless showing character details is particularly important to your game.

#5232522 Article Idea: Gamer Ethics and The 8 Deadly Sins of Gamification

Posted by on 02 June 2015 - 11:20 PM

To be honest it sounds like some of your ideas are good ones (if perhaps a little one-sided) and would probably be very interesting to read about in more detail - the biggest issue is simply that "gamification" is not commonly understood to mean what you're describing - it's the wrong word.

If I were you I would take the suggestion to drop the term gamification and then go ahead with drafting your article; some of the ideas are probably worth sharing, and if you're able to take constructive criticism in the spirit in which it is offered you'll likely learn a lot as well.

...and as others have said, stop worrying so much about your reputation - people aren't going to stalk your Facebook profile and blacklist you from the industry just because of some misused terminology and some misunderstanding about the distribution of clean fresh water.

#5232517 Tips for Overhauling Indie Game Graphics on Limited Budget

Posted by on 02 June 2015 - 10:02 PM

Do they need to be exclusive?

Not at all - we discussed this amongst the staff when we launched the new article system, and while exclusives can help to support a site we don't feel they're really beneficial to the development community.

You're welcome to republish anywhere you like, and if you have originally published something on your own site/blog we're happy to include an "originally published on" link at the bottom of the article. :)

#5232335 Unofficial Gamedev Competition - The Week of Awesome III - Starting soon!

Posted by on 02 June 2015 - 03:16 AM

The Week of Awesome III is starting soon, and everyone is welcome to join in!


Full details available in the administration topic (currently pinned in The Lounge forum).

#5232039 Learning to create Art - by Riuthamus

Posted by on 31 May 2015 - 06:13 PM

Awesome! Cute puppies! :)

#5231960 Where to go from here?

Posted by on 31 May 2015 - 05:41 AM

You said that some of your ideas are for board games... have you tried making playable versions of these?  This doesn't need to involve any lengthy education or require any expensive items -- you just need a pen/marker, some paper or cardboard, and some scissors -- why not make some of these ideas and try them out so that you can refine your craft? 

#5231957 I want to write code for the PS2, because it's old.

Posted by on 31 May 2015 - 05:36 AM

If you want to proceed, you may find these tools helpful and can probably find some good resources by searching for "ps2/playstation 2 homebrew".


I would echo some of what has been said above though in that programming for ps2 may not get you get outcome you're hoping for -- it's unlikely ps3 or ps4 users would also be able to play your games.



What programming language(s) are you experienced with?  We may be able to recommend some good alternatives for you that more closely suit your goal.

#5231908 Looking for Multiplayer 3d game engine with tools

Posted by on 30 May 2015 - 09:41 PM

You could also look at the open source Ryzom Core, which has proven capabilities -- but again I would caution that the project is still likely to be beyond your means, as in addition to all of the development and content creation you would still need to handle all of the server hardware etc. as well as the business side of things.

#5231019 Game Engine that will meet my requirements - Part 2

Posted by on 26 May 2015 - 04:03 AM

My main goal is to do the game, lol.
1st one suits me better.

Unfortunately that conflicts a bit -- your main goal could either be getting the game made (the second option), or learning whilst making the game (the first option).


The point I was going to make is that you should use a higher level engine or library with a language you're experienced with if you just want to get the game made (second option), or might choose a lower level library or API if your goal is more about learning (the first option).



Based on your brief description it sounds like you know some C#, some C++, and some JavaScript.



Based on that, if your main goal is to just get the game done (second option) I might recommend using Unreal Engine (C++ and a visual scripting language called Blueprints) or Unity (C# or a JavaScript-like language called UnityScript), or if your main goal is learning (first option) I might recommend MonoGame (C#), or a JavaScript framework such as Impact, Phaser, etc.


If you just want to get the game done you try to find an engine that is as complete as possible and offers as many features as possible for your game.

If it's more about a learning experience you choose a lower level framework and implement more of the functionality you need for yourself.



Honestly, not a lot has changed since last time you posted except for the following:

  • You have a little more experience, but unfortunately a lot of it (the web development stuff) isn't highly relevant.
  • Unreal and Unity both changed their pricing plans so that they're a much better deal for hobbyists and small developers.


Really, you just need to pick any option, get to work with it and then stick with it till your game is done.



Hope that helps! :)

#5230989 Learning to create Art - by Riuthamus

Posted by on 25 May 2015 - 11:53 PM

I'm also interested, I suspect the apparent lack of interest may have just been that people either didn't want to bother you about the delay (I fall into this category), or due to the delay assumed the series had been abandoned.

#5230659 Desura is not paying me my money

Posted by on 24 May 2015 - 04:15 AM

Apologies for bringing back a slightly older topic, but as it's still a relevant topic I thought this link might be of interest to anyone effected:

Desura is not paying developers, but promises a fix [Gamasutra]