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Christmas theme

10 December 2006 - 09:01 PM

Keep switching back again and again to the christmas theme after a while, sounds like there's a bug. Please fix. Driving me crazy.

Looking for crazy ideas.

05 October 2006 - 08:19 PM

Hello folks, Next semester in college, my fourth and last semester of a pre-university Natural sciences program in college, we are going to work on a project of our own. It must focus around a major and a minor discipline, among the 4 possibilities: biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. We shall be preferably a group of two persons, but possibly three, working on the project. There's not much limitations, as long as it is innovative (as in not done by other students previously) and is realistically possible to complete in the course of a semester and relates to two of the above science fields. The project can be practical or purely theoritical. My preference goes a little bit more toward physics and mathematics, yet I'm still quite interested into chemistry and biology. I believe the material seen in my program is similar to what you would find in last year high school courses and first year university courses oriented toward science in the US. (Calculus I, II and III, linear algebra and vector calculus, classical mecanics, electricity and magnetism, optics, chemistry of solutions, general biology, probabilities and statistics). Of course any project can and should hopefully require new knowledge and abilities to be obtained for its completion. Here's some ideas I had:
  • A sounding balloon, equipped with a radio transmitter and some standard and more exotic instruments (i.e., thermometer, barometer, a camera, GPS) and do fun stuff at 30-40 km in altitude for a couple days. I'm just wondering what might be so great to observe or analyse at a high altitude. We might build the radio transmitter ourselves in order to increase fun. We might as well put a specific home-built analysis tool if we find anything special worthy of been analyzed?
  • A (relatively) simple reaction engine or turbine engine. Probably very cool, but possibly very hard too. Yet some amateurs have done it in a few months time frame.
  • A project simply about electromagnetic waves communication could be cool. A sounding ballon might in fact be a good way to test our system.
What kind of interesting and/or crazy ideas do you guys have? [Edited by - Hedos on October 6, 2006 2:35:28 AM]


30 June 2006 - 04:46 PM

What is it? I'm talking about this page: www.eon8.com I must not be the only one who've heard of it, seems to be getting a rather big thing. There's only 10 minutes left, not much time to discuss hypothesises. Here's the wikipedia pages which talks about www.eon8.com Basically, it's a page which is up since about a month and half I believe, it displays a big timer ending at midnight EST today, it also features a "deployment tracker" maps with red dots all over the world on a map. There's more details in the wikipedia page. By the way, if you have trouble accessing the page, just wait a bit, it has gotten really slow lately because (I suppose) of the important trafic.

How do I take care of a bird egg?

16 June 2006 - 03:02 PM

Hello, I found a small little egg in my backyard today. It's about one inch by 5/8 of an inch large, the color is teal. Lots of birds around, was really in the middle of my backyard, not nearby any tree, so I wonder how it got there. I'd like to know how to take care of it and make sure it has good chances to bloom. For the moment, I put it under some small plants outside covered with a bunch of grass blades. Any recommendations? P.S. I'm not interested by an omelette.

Elasto mania :)

10 June 2006 - 10:28 PM

Many of you must know about this great game. Ahh, many hours well spent at high school on that gem. [smile] (For those who don't, have a look: www.elastomania.com) I'm making a game myself, not very much like elasto mania, but I'm very interested into the kind of physic (mainly the elasticity, friction, polygons based world and multiple parts objects) involved into Elasto Mania. I'm wondering if you guys could point me out into directions to learn more about that kind of physics. Articles, tutorials and web sites are welcome! I've got some background in physics (done mecanics course at college) and have already developped a basic physics engine.. but it only handles individual particles (I want to also handle large objects with multiple collision points) and probably isn't as efficient as it could be. There's only basic "bouncing" response to collision, no realistic elasiticity or friction. Of course, this is all 2d, but if you have 3d material, I'm sure I'll find it useful too. Any input welcome. Thanks a lot! By the way, my game will be open source, hopefully if I end up with something interesting it'll be shared. [smile]