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Node Knockout Hackathon Entry

11 November 2013 - 05:27 PM

Hey everyone! For the 24 hour node knockout event we built a little browser based multiplayer game. I would appreciate any some feedback and please use the vote button at the bottom if you like it! It currently works best on Chrome. We have a number of bug fixed queued up, but we cannot push them until the judging is complete.


Node Mayhem


The source code is all available if you want to see how it works.




Keep in mind, it's a product of 48 hours of hacking and not representative of what we would like the project to actually be!


Edit: One of the things we need to do are add control instructions to the website. WASD / Arrow keys to move. Click on the map to shoot there.

John Carmack joins Oculus as CTO

07 August 2013 - 12:19 PM

Thought this may be relevant here.


John Carmack Joins Oculus as CTO


My understanding is that game development for the console has been lackluster so far. Do you think his name being associated with Oculus will help stimulate that? Clearly he's not going to be writing a lot of games as a CTO, so it's not like he'll personally turn the situation around.

Bought a PS3. Again...

15 June 2013 - 11:12 PM

Man, I forgot just how bad this system is. 3' charging cable with the controller, and it's 2013 and still doesn't come with an HDMI cable? Waiting through updates now, hopefully they improved the user interface because it's pretty terrible right now. To top it all off, The Last of Us is sold out pretty much everywhere which is the entire reason I purchased the console in the first place! Guess I'll be able to try out the digital download version at least, which supposedly supports playing before the game is fully downloaded.


So any other PS3 exclusives I should be checking out since I've got the console now? I picked up Uncharted 3, Infamous 2 and Little Big Planet 2 for $10 each used. Should I play the first two Uncharted games before I dive into the 3rd? 

MicroConf - Windows 8 App Contest

03 April 2013 - 11:10 PM

Not sure if anyone on these boards is familiar with MicroConf (http://www.microconf.com/), but it's an annual conference geared towards single founder and bootstrappy startups and is a great place to learn about taking a product and making it into a business. I'm putting this out here because we're running a contest where the best Windows 8 app will get a free ticket to MicroConf and have their flight and hotel covered. First second and third place all get a Surface RT as well.


This is a good opportunity to get a simple game launched on a growing platform as well as get a free trip to a great conference! For more information, here is the contest website.




Group Chat

26 September 2012 - 08:33 PM

Not sure if this belongs here or in announcements, but I'm looking for some feedback on group chat with an emphasis on features for developers. I've worked on my idea long enough to have a decent, if basic, chat website, and I wanted to get some feedback before putting more time into developing it. If you have a chance I would appreciate it if some people can take a look and let me know what they think.

http://hc.io/gamedev (requires twitter authentication)

The developer specific features I'm looking to add are initially focused on github integration. I want users to be able to turn pasted code snippets into a Gist, as well as be able to tie rooms to repositories so that they can receive real-time notification of commits and issues related to that repository. Longer term I would love to add a real-time collaborative editing environment for pasted snippets. I know I need desktop versions of the application, and I plan to build those as thin native wrappers around the website with additional features (drag-n-drop attachments, audio notifications, etc).

Any other suggestions?