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Member Since 01 Nov 2002
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Topics I've Started

New tutorials online

04 May 2006 - 01:25 AM

I just wanted to make it publicly known that some of the tutorials i have been working on is now online on my site. For those who does not know what im talking about, i will tell you. A few months ago i decided to on my own pick up where NeHe left of and create my own set of tutorials, these tutorial are based on a modified version the nehe basecode and for now they teach stuff like FBO rendering, GlSlang shaders and a few more things, there will be more in the future.

CfTechDemo 3

15 March 2006 - 01:53 PM

I fixed a whole array of buggs(like the one that made vbo's not load when using shading) and added a few new features (none of wich are that visible) to my versitile 3d rendering engine called Coldfire. get it while it's hot. Now what i like from you guys are the folowing: cpu, ram, gfx card, drivers, fps values, any buggs you might see, does it even run on your hardware, feature requests for me to add to the engine and basically anything else you might think of.

Mind boggeling bug.

29 May 2005 - 12:48 AM

ok i got a bug, a weird one.

this is my VBO rendering code for my main object class
void entety::renderVbo( int shInstance)

	int i,s;
	shader tx;	
	CFvbo vbo;	
	glEnable(GL_TEXTURE_2D );

		tx.bind(skin[s][shInstance]);  //sets the current skin

		tx.unbind();  //sets the current skin

	glDisable( GL_TEXTURE_2D );
	glColorMask(1, 1, 1, 1);


and when i run this nothing happens.
Unless i comment out the lines


this is bad because those two line should bind the current shader to the geometry i am rendering, no shader = everything is gray and untextured.
So then i thought, perhaps there is something in the shader code, so i started comenting out things.
No change.
not even after i comented out all the code in those function.
Thats right they now contain no code at all.
But still nothing is renderd(unless i coment out those two little lines that is).
It allso doesn't matter where they are in the function, the result is still the same.

The odd thing is that it used to work with my previous VBO implementation, and the only change i made to this one is is where the data about the VBO is stored and how it's accesed.

Any thought's?

Cool new stuff to do with openGL

30 October 2004 - 02:42 AM

OK it's like this, im totaly out of ideas of what to do next for my engine. I got most things allready, allthough in a semi infant state. I have implemented these things and then some, perhaps not to it's fullest potential yet. Versitile render scripts. Stencil volume shadows. Projective shadows. GLSL shader engine. P-buffer rendering. HDR rendering(not finished yet, but it does work). particle system. VBO (works but it's not that solid yet). skeletal animations. advanced sky renderer. and many more little things. Allthough i am going to continue to work on these things to improve them, i want something more, something noone else has (or atleast not so many). Has anyone of you got any ideas regarding this? Teeories, ideas, wishes or problems? Anything goes.