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Midnight Thoughts > Never Team Up with the Idea Guy

Posted 21 May 2012

In any startup projects, it's crucial to pick your team members, so crucial that it determines about at least 50% of the success of your project. Teaming up with the wrong people will set you back far, so far that your project won't get anywhere.

How do you choose the right people for your next projects? In real life situations, you don't get...

Midnight Thoughts > Triple Town - Probably the most addicting game?

Posted 25 October 2011

The popularity of Bejeweled created a massive bubble of match-3 genre that endlessly spawns multitude of puzzle games. From cheap-art-swapped Bejeweled clones without any added creativity, to something mildly addicting like Diamond Dash. However, the most creative spin of the match-3 genre should be awarded to the Spry Fox's creation Triple...

Midnight Thoughts > Learning Path: Root of a Tree

Posted 21 October 2011

When a beginner begins the journey to learn anything that he finds interesting, he will find the materials to be far beyond of what he could grasp. Indeed this is the case as any person who steps into a territory he never stepped on before is bound to be controlled by the rules of that territory. He...