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In Topic: Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

21 July 2016 - 08:47 AM

Trump is more American than Captain America and Guile combined.


He's that American.

In Topic: And Now Everyone Who Knows I Do Gamedev (Who's Not In Gamedev) Asks Me Wh...

21 July 2016 - 08:34 AM

I am never really into Pokemon, so never really played that game.  But what Pokemon Go does teach me, or show me, is what the millennial generation is truly capable of, or incapable of, depending on how you see it.


Articles and news sometimes talk about the millennial generation, which I had always thought in my mind are people in their 20s who grew up with Facebook and Twitter, and social media, and nothing more or less.  You know, the kind of people who found PewDiePie hilarious, or Miley Cyrus a role model.  Beyond that, they are still capable adults with capable reasoning for common sense.  Then Pokemon Go shows up.


I thanked God that I am just a shy away from the Pokemon generation.

In Topic: Trump Is The Republican Candidate - Now What?

20 July 2016 - 01:50 AM

Running for presidency will be a different ballgame now since it's all now about charming the entire America, rather than a specific party. Back then, he could say outlandish things like kick the Muslims out, but I predict that he would probably start embracing the Hispanics, the Muslims, and so on. That he "loves Muslims", that Muslims are "some of the wonderful people he has ever met", and so on and so on.

Expect the Democrats accusing him of hypocrisy. Expect Trump to weasel his words around. Expect Hillary to also do the same.

In Topic: Anyone know a sidescrolling shooter without visible bullets?

12 July 2016 - 03:20 AM

I had this same idea 10 years ago, building a platformer without visible bullets from players and enemies. The reason being that the machine I was building for had limited CPU/RAM. So it's easier computational-wise to not have travelling bullets.

The Big-Co Producer, unfortunately, did not buy into the idea.


In Topic: What phone should I get?

01 July 2016 - 07:57 PM

Are you actually going to code on your phone? I would never want to do that, even when equipped with a fullsize keyboard. A phone is a phone. A smartphone is as far as I'd like to use it for.