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Topics I've Started

Alternative to NewRelic?

30 April 2015 - 05:45 PM

Do you guys know an alternative to NewRelic that doesn't charge you with a hefty price tag.  $150/host/month is ridiculous.  Having 20 servers means you are paying $3000 per month just to maintain some data and show pretty charts.


What do you recommend for a free-reasonable dashboard that can show server performance/response time metrics, as well as custom application data.

What's that code interview tool?

02 April 2015 - 04:53 PM

A while back, probably a year ago, somebody here linked an online code interview tool that lets you send a programming problem to a candidate, and they can solve the problem at their own time, but the tool allows you to see, as the employer, the progression that the candidate makes when they wrote the code.  So you can see what they were typing, what they deleted, how long it took and so on, where they struggle and so on.


I believe it also includes a whole bunch other statistics too.


I just can't remember the name.  I signed up to their email list too, but since I don't know what they are called, I don't know what to search on my mailbox.  Can anyone remember?

File upload server

12 March 2015 - 06:11 PM

My good fellow gamedevers.  I need your help once again!


I am thinking of writing a file server that can accept file uploads, authenticate the uploader, and stream the bytes directly to S3.  I thought it was going to be quick, but somehow I am having problem finding the solution.


I was expecting there's going to be a whole range of solutions and apps out there that can do the job, but Googling here and there doesn't seem to resolve to any particular, convincing solution, and I am hesitant to write my own. 


My use case:

1. Authenticate user before accepting file upload.  There will be a token in the Authorization header.  File server should authenticate the token with the auth server before accepting file upload.  HTTP 100-Continue seems to be at play here.

2. Once it's authenticated, stream the bytes directly to S3.  Depending on Content-Type, put files into different S3 buckets.  At this point, there's no association/ownership between users and files on S3.  File ownership is described at the DB.

3. This is completely optional: show some progress bar to the users.  This took me to this awesome page, which describes the protocol of resumable uploads and displaying progress bar, which means that a custom homegrown solution is needed.


First, I ran into nginx upload module.  Seems to do the job just fine, but it can only seem to upload directly to the disk, then I have to write another app that pulls that file from disk, and stream to S3.  What about the authentication beforehand?  Unless I am mistaken, this doesn't sound to be a good long term solution.


Then ran into various blogs of people's endeavors using Passenger/Ruby/Python/PHP/node.js/nginx/jQuery and whatever stuff, and the solutions seem to be very "heavy" on getting the proper values to your config files.  Just no.  Some of them are at the hobbyist level, loading the entire file in memory and save them on disks, which is what the nginx module has already done.


This should have been done already.  File upload is like an ancient technology of the Atlanteans.  There has to be the one true way of doing this, but the answer seems very elusive now, or maybe I am searching for the wrong thing.  My search result did get mixed up with these free file hosting servers ads.

Is there an open source 'smart' TCP load balancer?

06 March 2015 - 08:33 PM

Similar to the article posted here:



I am wondering if there's an open source software that can do the same.  If a server is down, the traffic is forwarded to the other server without the client ever knowing it.  If a server is back online, it can intelligently rebalance the active TCP connections.


Additionally, is there a way to insert a custom messaging protocol between the load balancer and the servers?  For example, a client is in the middle of transfering data, and you need to do a blue-green deploy, thus shutting down some of the servers and keeping the others online.  To prevent the data from being truncated, the LB can inform the servers that are about to be shutdown some sort of message to indicate that it needs to complete whatever requests it's currently doing.  Then once the servers are done sending messages, it informs the LB back, and the LB then shuts them down.  All new and existing connections are forwarded to the other servers.


Then once the deploy is completed, it does the same for the other set of servers.


This sounds like I would need a custom load balancer, but I want to make sure that I am not going to rewrite things that's been done.  It sounds like a common problem.

Game Engine for Linux

20 February 2015 - 12:52 PM

Here's a question I thought I would never ask here.  What's a game engine that you know of that works on Linux?  The requirements:


1. Works on Linux

2. Can port games to multi platform, ideally Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android.  A subset of this is fine.

3. Not dying soon, currently in active development, and have some legit userbase.

4. Free to use, at least for non-commercial.  I can worry about the commercial license later.


I have been exclusively using Linux these past few years, and recently I want to prototype a game.  I first thought of using Unity, but it can only run on Windows or MacI gotta pay $99 just to download Leadwerks, even for the Indie version.  I would use Unity, but I don't want to shell out another $600 just to buy a new Windows/Mac laptop, or dual-boot my current laptop with Windows.


What I am looking for is a game engine, a tool with UI that allows you to configure game object properties, level editor, and so forth.  I am not looking for SDL or SFML, or Ogre API/SDK.  I am not interested in programming in these.  I just want to prototype a game.