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"Rough" material that is compatible with color-only lightmaps?

16 July 2013 - 04:09 PM

So let's say I am storing the diffuse lighting in my scene with lightmaps, which store the amount of light that enters a given fragment, but no directional information.

Using only this information, I'd really like to be able to implement a convincing "rough" shader, such as Oren-Nayar, for which the apparent luminosity depends on the viewing angle.

However, a cursory look at implementations of Oren-Nayar reflectance with a single point light shows that they all seem to have terms involving the light direction. Obviously I'd expect to see something like "dot(normal, lightdirection)" (which would be perfectly fine as the lightmap already stores the sum of all such terms); the problem is that I don't have access to the light direction (or light directions, as the case may be) on its own.

My question, then, is whether it is possible to implement Oren-Nayar (or, if not any such similar material like Minnaert, etc.) in a way that does not require this directional information. Can anyone provide any tips? My fallback solution is just to play with the shaders to see if I can get the term I don't like to go away, but it seems like this might be a common enough question that someone has already done this.


Thanks much!

What is this chord progression?

18 March 2011 - 08:38 AM

So, I was listening to this music from Civilization IV and for some reason the bit from 1:45-2:05 caught my attention. Then I realized that it was actually the same as this other music that is used in just about everything (listen to 1:24-2:08). In fact, variations of that particular chord progression seem to show up in a great deal of music, like, say, this , along with plenty of others I can't think of off the top of my head. Does it have a name? Is there a particular piece that popularized it?

EDIT: here's a clip of all three pieces I mentioned layered on top of each other to illustrate the similarity.

What Does Everyone Think About The New Site Layout?

09 January 2011 - 10:21 AM

This is extremely spiffy, but I am still highly disoriented. Also, those blue feedback tabs always look like "facebook" to me.

EDIT: Are the user ratings gone forever? I kind of hope so, but then again, kind of not.

New Site!1`~

09 January 2011 - 10:17 AM

Just seeing if I can make a new topic.

Framerate leak?

14 August 2010 - 08:53 PM

I was playing around with the Blender game engine today and I noticed that the framerate was lower than I expected. I figured that something I had added was slowing things down, but reverting to an earlier version didn't fix it. Restarting Blender didn't fix it either, nor did reverting my video settings to the factory default. Restarting the computer, though, did. What could cause this? Could it be a leak in video memory caused by, for instance, a really badly written shader? I wouldn't think that this would cause a slowdown like that, though, but I could be wrong. Maybe it's a heat issue?

I figure I can't be the only one to have experienced this and I was hoping someone could explain.

In mostly unrelated news, I'm going to show off a screenshot of the hopefully-soon-to-be game that I was working on at the time. I made the artwork (except for the texture maps), along with the screen space depth of field based (mostly) on this article.