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In Topic: MMO Networking

18 January 2012 - 04:40 PM

I would gladly support this in the past.

But a few months back, for one reason or another, Blizzard found it fit to give me a free month of WoW. So I decided to check what happened since BC. But it also coincided with me having some ISP networking problems, resulting in constant 2-5% packet loss.

In-game latency I had was anywhere up to 5 *minutes*, including no session lasting more than 10 minutes. I also think that WoW doesn't particularly try to correct for packet loss issues and just keeps streaming reagardless until client overflows and is disconnected.

So no, TCP doesn't work if there's even minimal non-transient packet loss.

Sorry to say but you having networking issues (which you mention) does not make "TCP not work" with "delayed" messages. It just didn't work for you when your ISP was having issues, which you mentioned. Unless you know exactly what was happening to the packets leaving and coming back to your pc, making such a bold statement is silly.

In Topic: MMO Networking

18 January 2012 - 05:21 AM

While many people assume and recommend using UDP for MMO's keep in mind WoW uses TCP/IP and last I checked it runs very well. Don't get fooled into thinking that UDP is the way to go for MMORPG's. However good luck with your project!

In Topic: Hard Time Programming!

20 December 2011 - 10:26 AM

To continue with the two options Serapth mentioned, there are times when I've been programming for hours and hours day after day and I just tend to "lose focus" (if that's the proper word) on what I'm doing. This comes and goes often and quickly (thank goodness) but what I found that helps me (your mileage may vary) is every day for my personal projects I always make a new "to-do" list of things that need to get done, that I want to get done, and that I'd like to add that will finish the "bigger picture." As projects are always evolving you may encounter something new that you didn't think of the day prior. Just need to have a priority list of what "to-do."

Basically you need to set a goal of what you want to make, break it down. And keep breaking it down until you have manageable "chunks" that you can attack and work on. Perhaps your issue is you have no direction when you look at your own projects. So try making a design template (figure out what you want to make, break it down, and then go from there.) and see how that works.

Start with any size project you want IMO, granted you might get discouraged from attempting something rather large and will most likely fail. But know that starting with something simple, as a text based guessing game in a console will give you quick results and a sense of "I can do this." (abet it might be a very small program that isn't the point, it's about getting experience.)

Good luck!

In Topic: Server disconnecting user issue

02 December 2011 - 07:41 PM

Are you sure the server disconnects you and this isn't the phone client doing something goofy?

^-- this.

If you are programming for the iPhone (which I assume? unless you login in via safari) ..

A solution: toss this into the AppDelegate class:

UIApplication *myApp = [UIApplication sharedApplication];
 myApp.idleTimerDisabled = YES;

it will prevent the screen lock from happening (automatically at least).

In Topic: I spent high school in front of my computer

02 December 2011 - 07:30 PM

The problem that keeps coming up here is everyone thinks they are always right. I would have said the same thing. What is your gripe with not having fun in the real world and meeting people? Sitting in front of a computer is 1 thing to do. If that is all you want in life, then that is boring. I partied, played several live shows in band, recorded other bands, was a well known skateboarder, hung out with drug dealers, had a g/f, job, and still at the time of attending digipen, was miles ahead of everyone. If you never had fun in high school and weren't social, then you wouldn't understand. I had so much fun and so much time to do whatever I wanted, I learned a lot more things than just programming though. Once you are older you have time for maybe 1 thing, while working 9-5. When you are young you have the time to learn a lot more, meet a lot of people, and shouldn't be burnt out.

Biggest issue with statements like this, at least in my opinion is this is _MY LIFE_, not yours. What is boring to you, I might find to be the next best thing besides sliced bread. I could argue that watching sports aka grown men chase balls like dogs is utterly boring while others would highly disagree with me and the circle will continue forever. We could keep throwing arguements back and forth about what YOU feel is "FUN" or "LIVING" and I could come with counters of what I feel are "FUN" or "LIVING." In the end it is our life to live and if anyone is narrow minded to believe that their way of life, what they enjoy and dislike is the "way" things should be then they have more issues than anyone or anything I could mention and really isn't worth debating with them and wasting my time on people who are clearly a hopeless cause.

In the end the majority of these "people" who most people believe are doing "boring things" (behind computers for example) usually end up making improvements in every aspect of our life. Some people will never be thankful for anything and believe the world revolves around them. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Thank god there are many who don't cave to such narrow minded aspects of others. /salute to them.