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Rob Loach

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#3231086 *Unofficial* Alternative Game Libraries FAQ [Updated 2/03/08]

Posted by on 27 August 2005 - 06:21 PM

I've finally gotten around to Drew's request of writing one for FMOD:
1. What is FMOD?

FMOD is a cross platform audio library to let you easily implement audio into your applications and games. It can play almost any sound format you can think of including MP3s, OGGs, Midis, MOD files, WMAs, etc.

2. Where can I download FMOD?

3. Where can I find instructions on how to use FMOD?

4. What are some other uses of FMOD?

FMOD can be used to put sound and music into games, multimedia applications or pretty much anything that requires audio. The main benefit to using FMOD is that it is a cross platform library, allowing you to use it on a wide variety of operating systems. Not only is it very powerful, but it's also very easy to use. Just go through Joachim's quick tutorial and you'll see how easy it really is. FMOD Ex brings a new design to FMOD which makes sound and music data even easier to manage.

5. Are there any other features to FMOD?

FMOD Ex is a branch off of FMOD that gives it a whole set of new features including a .NET interface for development with C# and other .NET language.