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Journal of evillive2 > SDL_net chat server

Posted 15 October 2006

Ok. I am going to try to get this right this time.

I am a big fan of text based MUDs. I got my start playing ROM based MUDs when I was about 17 (over 12 years ago!). There have been many improvements made to IDE's and compilers along with their free availability which helped decreased the need to have a remote host that had all of the build tools. The...

Journal of evillive2 > progress

Posted 23 October 2005

The goal of this whole project is to make a simple framework for me to work with in creating NES & SNES style 2d tile based games. I don't want to have to worry about creating base sprite classes, tile classes, fonts and simple HUDs. So basicly I am writing a (S)imple (G)aming (L)ayer. Using SDL underneath will help porting to different platforms if...

Journal of evillive2 > Project SGL

Posted 15 October 2005

I started my SDL+OpenGL framework today. I am going to get something finished if it kills me this time. This is mainly spawned from wanting to use SDL but SDL not having the *oomf* I want or may want in the future.

I find myself re-writing a ton of the same code all the time, re-writing it slightly different each time. This time I am making a library I can...

Journal of evillive2 > Finally some light at the end of the tunnel

Posted 18 May 2005

First off let me say how much of an idiot I am. Next, lets restate the obvious... *IDIOT*.

Past week or so I have been having problems adding simple un-filled primitives to my SDL/OpenGL library. The colors were getting skewed and since I am not at all familiar with 3d graphics concepts I did what anyone would do before posting my problems in the forums....

Journal of evillive2 > Setting a colorkey in OpenGL

Posted 07 May 2005

I found this to be truly annoying for most of the day today. By following most of the tutorials etc. I thought I had transparency down using the alpha channel etc. etc. Only to fnid that when scaling an image the border looked like it was overlapping and the color with the supposed alpha value of 0 was showing up on the edges of stuff.

Now at...