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Joel Martinez

Member Since 15 Jan 2003
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frb.js - HTML5 Canvas 2D Engine

02 June 2013 - 08:58 AM

Hey all ... wanted to get some feedback on some work I've been doing on a javascript-based 2d engine. It's a "port" of the regular FlatRedBall engine, which is based on XNA/MonoGame in C#. I wanted to be able to write games for the web, but wanted to do so in a way that didn't require any plugins whatsoever, and I wanted to do so in JavaScript ... so FRB.js was born :)


It's open source (MIT Licensed) on GitHub:



You can see some samples here:





And I've written some documentation here:



I'd love to get some thoughts on the engine, the design of the API, ease (or otherwise) of use, the samples, etc.




note: I know it doesn't likely work in IE ... the perils of working on a mac :) But it should work in the other major browsers.


30 April 2013 - 06:53 PM

Hey all ... I'm a gdnet forumer from way back. Was working in the industry for a bit, then took a detour in the finance industry for the $. Although I released a few indie titles while out there, I've moved away from finance and am now starting to get back into game development (on the side, for now). 


Just wanted to say hi and start getting re-acquainted with the community :)

[.net] Playing Many Videos

29 December 2006 - 02:24 AM

So I've got a fairly interesting project that I might have a chance to work on, and I was wondering if I could get some feedback from the great minds here :-) In a nutshell, I would need to produce a semi-interactive scene where a grid of videos (about 60 of them) would be playing concurrently ... sort of like the beginning parts of this, but with videos. Now, the videos don't have to be very high resolution, maybe webcam quality ... but when selected (maybe with the mouse), they need to kind of pop out and clear up (ie. play at a higher resolution). Just to get some stats out of the way, assume that this will run on a top of the line computer, with a high end video card, and as big of a hard drive as needed. Also, I'm planning on doing this in managed code ... the specific technology is still up in the air though.
  • Getting Video onto a 3D object in WPF is ridiculously easy, but I fear that the ease of implementation may result in a lack of scalability (unverified ATM).
  • Rendering a video to a texture in MDX seems to be a possible route, but MDX feels icky and dead now :-P
  • I'd love to do it in XNA, but I wonder if the MDX/Interop examples out there would work with XNA on windows since there is no built in video decoding support. I could potentially just write a custom content pipeline for video files which decodes said video files and sets them up to be rendered to a texture at runtime ... but that would likely result in huge storage requirements and long IO times (which may not matter if the only issue is storage space).
  • If doing it fully real-time doesn't turn out to be possible, I'm thinking that I'm going to explore some alternative methods. One possible way would be to simply render all of the above (slowly) to a video so that playback would result in a nice framerate. Then I could simply play that pre-rendered video, and when the mouse goes over a given video, just load it up, and overlay that. Doing it this way would result in only two videos playing at any given time, but it'll probably be a pain to synchronize.
I know a lot of this is still rather pie-in-the-sky ... I'm just in the research stages and trying to find out if it is even feasible to play 60 videos at the same time while rendering each one to a textured quad. Anyways, I'd appreciate any comments that I could get about all this craziness ... thanks :-)

Geometry from 2D Image

08 December 2006 - 04:43 AM

I was wondering if someone could point me to research/papers/examples about techniques to derive 3D geometry, from 2D photographs of things like buildings. I know I've read about this stuff somewhere, but my mind is drawing a complete blank on where, or what it's called :-P If you're curious ... what I'm interested in doing is writing an XNA content pipeline importer that will take an image, and generate a Model and textures. What is done with that model afterwards is still under discussion ... but I'll cross that bridge once I get to it. I just want to play with the technique for now. Thanks

Rendering a Glob of Jelly

21 September 2006 - 09:49 AM

Hi all ... I was wondering if you guys could help me understand how one would go about rendering a translucent glob of jelly. The effect I have in my head could possibly be described as distorted alpha blending. So, other items viewed through will be blurred and distorted. Also, I'm guessing that there will be some sub-surface light scattering involved because I would like the jelly to light up if a light source is brought near it. I'm not asking for you guys to implement it for me as I know its somewhat of a tall order ... just some guidelines, and perhaps some keywords I could use to look up further information on the techniques required to achieve this effect. I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to graphics programming, but hey, gotta start somewhere :-) I have some fairly basic rendering going on and I want to get a better understanding about how shaders play a part in creating effects such as the one I described above. If it helps, I'm using C#, XNA, and HLSL :-) Thanks!