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Shadowing through .fx files

24 April 2008 - 03:34 AM

Hi all, I've got a flat plane which is my "ground" for now which has a very basic shader using one texture. All other objects (scene-models) use a different fx shader file during rendering. So, my question is...how does shadowing work on scenes which use multiple shaders for objects? Or...how does one of the scene-models cast/project the shadow onto the ground plane? The examples i found in the DXSDK are using one shader for everything. Can anyone recommend a good link with more information on this? best regards

[.net] C# Tool for creating game framework (bunch of code files)

08 May 2007 - 11:10 PM

Hello all, I'm working on a small C# tool for me and my co-workers in my company which should allow us to create new games more easily than just copy/paste the previous game-framework. (Focus on C++) What i want is basically just a bunch of source code files in a given directory structure. In my C# tool i just have an edit-box where the user might enter the game name and all generated files will have use this name. Now my question is...what would be the best way to create such files from text-based templates? Basically these "templates" just have placeholders where later the real game-name for example is being inserted. Anyone has an idea? I thought reading every single template file, parsing and do a standard string replace and create a new file with the modified strings? Thanks for help, best regards

Multiple heightmaps defining landscape

31 October 2006 - 12:25 AM

Hello all, I'd like to ask what's the way of implementing a terrain system which handles multiple heightmap-based terrain chunks.
 1 2 3
 4 x 6
 7 8 9
Where 'x' is the heightmap the player is on. So...if the player moves towards '2' it'll load another set of heightmaps (top-row). I would like to know how to handle LOD, or how to "connect" these heightmaps. I guess an octree does not fit in here so whats the best way to implement such a system? Maybe keeping the heightmaps at small size and render them brute-force? Edit: What about geomorphing/geomipmapping when approaching the end of one map. Any information, examples or stories of success appreciated. ;) best regards

GLSL terrain texture splatting shader

01 July 2006 - 10:04 PM

Hi all! I'm currently trying to get some GLSL techniques up and running. Now i'd like to ask you guys if someone can point me to or provide a terrain texture splatting shader using GLSL. edit: basically just blending different types of textures using the RGB channels from a color-map. any help appreciated, best regards, - christoph -

Problem with a .fx sample

14 May 2006 - 07:50 PM

Hello all, i currently read myself into HLSL and .fx files using the D3DX effect interface. found a few .fx sample files (not from DX9sdk) but when i try to create the effect from it it gives me some kind of "unexpected token: texture0" here is the .fx files contents:
texture texture0;
texture texture1;
float4 factor0;

pixelshader two_stages_ps = asm
	tex t0;
	tex t1;
	lrp r0.w, v0, t0, t1;
	mov r0.xyz, c0;
	+mul r0.w, c0, r0;

technique two_stages_2
	pass p0
		Texture[0] = <texture0>;
		Texture[1] = <texture1>;
		PixelShaderConstant[0] = <factor0>;
		PixelShader = (two_stages_ps);
question is...is this kind of .fx format has been used in earlier versions and is already obsolete or did i miss something?? any feedback appreciated! best regards, - christoph -