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#4767367 SlimDX or SharpDX ?

Posted by Programmer16 on 31 January 2011 - 01:11 AM

What do you think?

Has anybody some deep experience with SharpDX and can give his opinion?

I have no experience with SharpDX, but one thing that I noticed is that it doesn't support Direct3D9 which, as far as I know, is still a majority of the market. It also doesn't support some of the other libraries (mainly XACT3, XInput, and DirectInput.)

Also, with it being generated directly from the native libraries, I doubt it takes advantage of C#'s major features.

On the pro side, it might be a little bit faster, it's somewhat platform independent (it states that it Direct3D doesn't actually work with Mono, but they're working on it), and it stores each of the API's in separate assemblies.

In my honest opinion, it looks like it has potential, but isn't developed far enough where I would consider using it. SlimDX on the other hand has been around for a while, has some great minds working on it, and is very well supported.

Hope that helps!