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Anybody left from the 2003 crowd?

20 October 2013 - 01:39 AM

I hope this isn't too OT. Just curious. Anybody remember what that secret MUD was? Does Dave still own this site?


It started with a T... Tarbetha? Tibeta? I must know!

Commercialization of Christmas, among other things...

04 December 2008 - 06:15 PM

Today I received a Christmas card in the mail from a friend of a friend, whom I've only spoken to two or three times in my life. She wrote me a handwritten paragraph or two (Not the typical "Happy Holidays! Love so-and-so".) Ironically, I think this card is the most honest gesture of goodwill I will receive from anyone, family included, this season. Maybe it's just because the expectation that family and close friends must exchange gifts causes the very act of giving to lose meaning and actually become stressful. By no means am I against presents... I won't say no to new toys, but I think people would generally be happier around this time of year if they exchanged simpler, more meaningful gestures to show they care. I work in customer service and I can defiantly tell that people are on edge during this time of year. They're stressed out, frustrated, impatient, and expect that our store has a deal for exactly what they want. Nobody is happy like the characters in the Christmas movies I used to watch as a kid. This year I am going to use the holiday season as a reminder to chill out, be more empathetic towards others, and remind my self that happiness is not about receiving a brand new graphics card (or anything material, for that matter.) Does anyone else have any strong opinions related to this subject matter? Am I just crazy? Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men.. now get out of my way so I can buy that new 60" HDTV.

Anyone try brewing hard cider before?

13 October 2008 - 11:15 AM

It has been a tradition in my family to make hot spiced apple cider in the Autumn. It's quite delicious, however I'd really like to try an "authentic" English hard cider. Because of certain regulations (possibly related to my date of birth) in my locale that restrict me from purchasing alcoholic beverages, I figure I'd try brewing my own. If anyone else has done this before, I'd like you to share your experiences with the process and the final product (or lack there-of ) I didn't follow any specific recipe, but rather used different resources on the internet as a reference. It's not a terribly complicated or expensive process so i'll explain what I did below. Disclaimer: This is for reference only. Do not execute these instructions unless it is legal in your area! Materials: 2 gallon water dispenser, $9 Airlock, $1.50 1/2" Rubber grommet for airlock, $0.50 1/2" spade drill bit, $4 Ingredients: 2 gallons Organic, flash-pasteurized apple juice (No preservatives!!), $15 2 pounds brown sugar, $1.99 1 packet champagne yeast, $0.99 Pictures!! Dissolving 2 pounds of brown sugar in about a quart of the apple juice The home-made fermentation vessel. Notice the airlock added to the screw lid. Closeup of the airlock. When filled half way with water, the CO2 released from the yeast fermenting the sugar can escape, but surrounding air cannot enter and spoil the cider Another view Cider-sugar solution chilling in an ice bath (don't want it so hot it kills the yeast!) 1 quart added.. Full! another shot..

Domain question

15 July 2006 - 08:02 AM

This might be a little OT, but I figgure someone here might be able to help me out... What utility can I use to look up the TTL for a domain record on my ISP's DNS server? My webhost (ixwebhosting) was having trouble with the server my site was on and it had been down for at least 12 hours so I dumped them and moved my site to another host, but I'm impatient and need to know when a few major ISP's are going to update my site's record in their cache heh

Well it certainly has been a while..

10 July 2006 - 08:59 AM

Geez I don't think I've posted here in months. I guess I just lost interest in foruming or something.. or maybe it was the lack of intelligent discussion. Anyways, I run a rapidly growing myspace profile tracker website and I often get emails from people who cannot seem to figgure out how to use it (or understand the directions.) I just thought I'd share a couple
i need help there is a person where i live that is makeing a fake profile to antgonze me online his name is chris hansford but he is useing the name windi is there any way that you can help me he is ruining the fun for me and my friends can you stop this guy from doing this to me that would be greatly apreseated thanks .Rusty Coley of athens,georgia
I run a profile tracker site, what do you want me to do...
why do u keep trying to be my friend? i dont even kno who you are and i cant even view ur page bc somthing stupid keeps poping up. i denied u once meaning i dont wanna be ur friend bc i dont kno who you are so stop trying to be my friend.
I sent her a single friend request from my site's "official" myspace account. If she had actually visited the profile, she would have figgured out she was invited to try a service. or maybe not.
i cant use it it sasy invalid paswrod. my mysapce is [censored]@hotmail.com andp assword is [censored] fix it plz
I contemplated using the login he provided me to delete his MySpace but decided nothing good would come from it unless he deleted him self from the gene pool.